Carifta Games --- Nickecoy Bramwell's Personal Best Steals the Show at JC Sprint Fest
Nickecoy Bramwell's Personal Best Steals the Show at JC Sprint Fest

Nickecoy Bramwell, after surpassing Usain Bolt’s Carifta Games U17 boys’ 400m record, expressed his optimism for the future, stating, “I am looking forward to greater things” for the remainder of the season.

Despite previous setbacks due to injuries that hindered his performance at the Champs, Bramwell made a triumphant comeback at the Carifta Games. Demonstrating incredible speed and determination, he crossed the finish line in 47.27 seconds, breaking Usain Bolt’s record of 47.33 seconds set back in 2002. The audience and fellow competitors were left in awe as Bramwell achieved this significant milestone, showcasing his talent as a young Jamaican sprinting prodigy.

Nickecoy Bramwell: Beyond Usain Bolt’s Record, Towards 2024 Glory

Reflecting on his achievement, Bramwell confidently remarked, “I knew I would have broken the record.” ALSO READ: Bramwell’s Reaction to Breaking Usain Bolt’s Record at Carifta Games

With this accomplishment behind him, Bramwell’s focus now shifts to the World U20 Championships in Lima, Peru this summer (Aug 27-31). He shared, “I am in good condition, I am getting back from the injury, and I am looking forward to doing great things for the rest of the season.”

This would be Bramwell’s first World U20 Championships as he was too young for the event in Cali 2022. ALSO READ: Bramwell Shatters Bolt’s Record, Guyana & Jamaica Reign Supreme in 400m at Carifta Games

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