Carifta Games --- Nickecoy Bramwell's Personal Best Steals the Show at JC Sprint Fest
Nickecoy Bramwell's Personal Best Steals the Show at JC Sprint Fest

Nickecoy Bramwell describes the feeling as “wonderful” to break one of track and field legend Usain Bolt’s records at Carifta Games 2024. He mentioned he has been “eyeing the record” for about a year now.

In a moment that sent shockwaves through the regional track and field landscape, Nickecoy Bramwell, a 16-year-old sensation, made history on the opening day of the 51st Carifta Games in St. George’s, Grenada. ALSO READ: Jamaica’s Robert Miller Smashes Record at Carifta Games with 400m Hurdles Victory

Competing at the prestigious Kirani James Athletics Stadium, named after the legendary World and Olympic Games gold medallist, Bramwell delivered a performance that will be etched in the annals of athletic greatness.

With lightning speed and unwavering determination, Bramwell blazed across the finish line in a jaw-dropping time of 47.27 seconds, shattering Usain Bolt’s long-standing record of 47.33 seconds set in 2002. The stadium erupted in awe as spectators and competitors alike watched in disbelief at the remarkable feat achieved by the young Jamaican prodigy.

Nickecoy Bramwell’s Joy: Breaking Usain Bolt’s Carifta Games Record

Reflecting on his historic achievement, Bramwell expressed sheer elation, stating, “It’s a wonderful feeling to break the record. Since last summer, I have been eyeing the record, so it’s a great feeling I could come out here and get it.”

Despite facing challenges with hamstring injuries in the preceding months, Bramwell remained undeterred, emphasizing that it did not impede his performance. “I just took my mind off it and focused on the record,” he remarked with determination.

Grenadian Kemron Mathlyn finished second to Bramwell in 47.96 seconds, with St. Lucian Eagan Neely claiming third in 48.16 seconds.

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  1. In reporting on the record recently set by Nickecoy Bramwell at the Carifta Games, not once did the author/journalist Anthony Foster inform his readers which record had been broken. It is not mentioned at all, so I still have no clue which of Usain Bolts’ records have been broken. Answers on the next alert would be welcome. Thank you.


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