Home Articles Record-Breaking Throws and Impressive Jumps Steal the Show at Carifta Games

Record-Breaking Throws and Impressive Jumps Steal the Show at Carifta Games

Record-Breaking Throws and Impressive Jumps Steal the Show at Carifta Games
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Zavien Bernard, Jamelia Young, and Maleik Francis were the early gold medal winners on the opening session of the 51st Carifta Games being staged at the Kirani James Stadium in Grenada.

Currently, Jamaica leads the medal standings at the Carifta Games 2024 after the opening session, with two gold medals. Antigua and Barbuda secured one gold, while the Bahamas and Trinidad and Tobago each earned a silver medal. St. Kitts and Nevis closely trail behind.

In the Boys Javelin Throw Under 17 competition, Maleik Francis of Antigua and Barbuda, 16, delivered a spectacular performance, setting a new record with a throw of 68.84 meters (225 feet 10 inches). Francis showcased exceptional skill and strength, dominating the event and securing the gold medal for his country.

Francis expressed satisfaction with his performance, stating, “I am very happy,” and added, “I was trying to reach the 70m mark, but that didn’t happen. Nonetheless, I am still pleased with my performance and looking forward to my upcoming event.”

Jaheem Clarke of Saint Kitts and Nevis, 16, put up a commendable performance in the javelin throw event, achieving a distance of 56.09 meters (184 feet). Despite his efforts, Clarke settled for second place, unable to surpass Francis’ remarkable throw. Delron John of Grenada, also 16, rounded up the top three in the javelin throw event with a distance of 54.70 meters (179 feet 6 inches). John demonstrated skill and determination in his throws, earning a bronze medal for his country in front of the home crowd.

Jamaica won two gold medals in opening session at Carifta Games 2024

In the girls’ High Jump Under 17 event, Jamaican athlete Zavien Bernard, 15, displayed remarkable talent, securing victory with a jump of 1.71 meters (5 feet 7.25 inches). Following closely behind, Alexandria Komolafe of the Bahamas also cleared 1.71 meters (5 feet 7.25 inches) but settled for second place due to a countback. Despite putting up a strong fight, Komolafe’s efforts were not enough to surpass Bernard’s impressive performance. Trinidad and Tobago’s Tenique Vincent, 16, rounded up the top three in the event, achieving a jump of 1.68 meters (5 feet 6.25 inches).

Bernard, who entered the competition aiming for a height of 1.55m, expressed mixed feelings about her gold medal, stating, “It’s a bit disappointing,” as she fell short of her personal best mark of 1.81m. “I really expected myself to do better,” she added.

In the Girls Shot Put Under 17 category, Jamaica’s Jamelia Young, 16, delivered a dominating performance, clinching victory with a throw of 14.25 meters (46 feet 9 inches). With consistent and powerful throws throughout the competition, Young showcased her strength and technique, securing the gold medal for Jamaica. Trinidad and Tobago’s Peyton Winter, 16, put up a strong fight in the shot put event, achieving a distance of 14.21 meters (46 feet 7.5 inches). Terrell McCoy of the Bahamas, also 16, claimed the third spot on the podium in the shot put event with a throw of 14.11 meters (46 feet 3.5 inches).

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