Gabby Thomas Sets New Personal Best and Reclaims World Lead in Track Championships
Gabby Thomas Sets New Personal Best and Reclaims World Lead in Track Championships

Gabby Thomas, recently crowned US 200m champion, is embracing her Jamaican roots. “Everybody knows I am Jamaican,” she declared confidently, cherishing her roots.

Gabby Thomas: Embracing Jamaican Roots, Racing for Glory at Monaco Diamond League!

As the highly anticipated Monaco Diamond League draws near, Gabby geared up for the ultimate challenge that awaited her on Friday (21 July). She would face Shericka Jackson, the world champion, in the women’s 200m race.

Gabby Thomas has a season’s best of 21.60 and Shericka Jackson 21.71, respectively. Both had exchanged world lead twice in two hours. Thomas ran 21.80 in the semi-finals at the US Trials, but Jackson’s 21.71 lowered in the final at the Jamaica trials. Thomas returned in the final at the US Trials to drop 21.60 and beat Sha’Carri Richardson.

On to Monaco Diamond League, Will Merlene Ottey’s long-standing meeting record of 21.77 finally fall?

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  1. Another comment, This is more like a question. Why did Jamaica and the coach choose to wash their dirt on YouTube? I was not happy to see that. There should be a more discrete way to handle situations like that. Not cool!!!!

  2. I am Jamaican from Portland living in Canada’s far north, since I was a five yrs kid, I have tried to watch the games. However, I was so angry at Jackson because she slowed down long before the line and let the Americans beat her in the one hundred meters. The Americans are scared that the Jamaicans are going to break every record that they made over the years. Did you hear what Gabby said, can we have some of the records? You see America is always bragging how they are the best in the world at everything. I recall a time when the Jamaican kids went to the Penn relays the commentators would referred to them as hungry barefooted Jamaicans who could not afford breakfast before coming to the games. Now these same hungry barefooted kids are kicking the Americans asses up and down the track with their toenails fastened in their butts. LOL, LOL


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