Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone Makes Highly Anticipated Season Debut at Charlety Stadium
Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone is hitting the tour, but not the World Indoor Tour Gold for a winter tuneup as the outdoor Olympic season looms; her new book “Far beyond Gold: From Fear to Faith, just was released for sale.

The book deals with McLaughlin-Levrone’s growth as an athlete, professional, and Christian over these last few years.

Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone Discusses Faith and Overcoming Anxiety in Latest Book

“My faith allows me to run the race God set out for me and to be free in that and to do it for his glory,” Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone confessed, as the active American legend, sat down with an audience on NBC’s The Today Show, Tuesday, January 30th, to briefly discuss.

A central theme of the memoir is about approaching anxiety and how McLaughlin-Levrone’s faith has and continues to help her manage these nerves.

“I think that is something everybody struggles with, in someway shape or form and especially as an athlete when your running for so many seconds and your training for that your whole life, it comes down to a very small margin and it can have a lot of weight and pressure that comes with that”.

The Women’s 400m Hurdles world record holder and reigning Olympic champion, who missed this past season’s championships in Budapest due to a nagging knee injury, revealed her resulting psyche.

“You know, there are two ways to look at it,

it can either be a gift from God in some way shape or form, or you can view it as the end of the world,” said Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone.

“I think for me it was a gift to kind of just reset and to focus on things maybe I wasn’t paying attention to.”

As for Paris 2024, the Olympic champion is taking it all in stride. She states her main goals are “Just to run free and represent our country the best I can,” Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone said. “To improve upon myself is always the goal and hopefully bring some more medals back for Team USA.”

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