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ISTAF Berlin 2023: Williams, Flynn, Allman Secure Wins as Season Nears End

ISTAF Berlin 2023: Williams, Flynn, Allman Secure Wins as Season Nears End
Danielle Williams

Danielle Williams, Tiffany Flynn, and Valarie Allman delivered standout performances at the ISTAF Berlin 2023, providing a fitting conclusion to a memorable track and field season.

World champion Williams, representing Jamaica, dominated the Women’s 100m Hurdles, crossing the finish line with an impressive time of 12.71 seconds.

Flynn, hailing from the USA, soared to victory in the Women’s Long Jump, recording a remarkable 6.48-meter leap. Allman, another American athlete, shattered records in the Women’s Discus event with a world-leading throw of 70.47 meters.

Their achievements were among the ISTAF Berlin highlights in a competition that saw athletes from around the globe vying for top honors. Hamish Kerr from New Zealand and Tobias Potye from Germany also made headlines in the Men’s High Jump, both clearing 2.24 meters but with Kerr taking the top spot due to fewer failed attempts.

In the ISTAF Berlin Men’s Javelin, Julian Weber from Germany threw an impressive 84.09 meters to secure first place.

ISTAF Berlin 2023 Results Below:

Women’s 100m Hurdles

Danielle Williams of Jamaica took the top spot with a time of 12.71 seconds. Amber Hughes from the USA finished third, clocking in at 12.98 seconds.

Place Country Name Mark
1 JAM Danielle Williams 12.71
2 AUS Michelle Jenneke 12.89
3 USA Amber Hughes 12.98
4 GER Marlene Meier 13.00
5 GER Franziska Schuster 13.11
6 CAN Sarah Hammond 13.25
7 FRA Elodie Ouédraogo 13.40
8 ITA Giulia Pennella 13.55

Men’s 110m Hurdles

Jamaica’s Ronald Levy led the pack with a time of 13.45 seconds. Michael Dickson from the USA finished fifth with a time of 13.59 seconds.

Place Country Name Mark
1 JAM Ronald Levy 13.45
2 FRA Just Kwaou-Mathey 13.46
3 ITA Lorenzo Ndele Simonelli 13.50
4 ITA Hassane Fofana 13.56
5 USA Michael Dickson 13.59
6 GER Erik Balnuweit 13.65
7 ESP Jackson Quiñónez 13.70
8 NED Koen Smet 13.75

Men’s 400m Hurdles

Germany’s Joshua Abuaku set a personal best of 48.12 seconds to win the event.

Place Country Name Mark
1 GER Joshua Abuaku 48.12
2 EST Rasmus Mägi 48.31
3 GER Emil Agyekum 48.47
4 BEL Julien Watrin 48.86
5 SLO Matic Ian Gucek 49.59
6 CZE Vít Müller 49.97
7 GER Constantin Preis 50.19
8 TUR Ismail Nezir 50.44

400m Men’s Race

The 400m Men’s event was a German affair with Jean Paul Bredau and Manuel Sanders setting personal bests to claim the top two spots. Bredau clocked 44.96 seconds, while Sanders was hot on his heels with 45.05 seconds.

400m Men’s Results

Place Country Name Mark
1 GER Jean Paul Bredau 44.96
2 GER Manuel Sanders 45.05
3 BEL Robin Vanderbemden 45.79
4 GER Marc Koch 46.18
5 IRL Christopher O’Donnell 46.38
6 ITA Riccardo Meli 46.43
7 FRA Loïc Prevot 46.81
8 GER Lukas Krappe 47.37

1500m Men’s Race

George Mills of Great Britain emerged as the winner with a time of 3:34.51. The USA’s Hobbs Kessler made a notable appearance, finishing fourth with a time of 3:35.69.

Place Country Name Mark
1 GBR George Mills 3:34.51
2 RSA Tshepo Tshite 3:34.97
3 ESP Adel Mechaal 3:35.49
4 USA Hobbs Kessler 3:35.69
5 CAN Charles Philibert-Thiboutot 3:35.75

5000m Women’s Race

Ethiopia’s Letesenbet Gidey shattered the meeting record with a time of 14:08.79. Karissa Schweizer and Allie Buchalski from the USA finished in fifth and tenth places, respectively.

Place Country Name Mark
1 ETH Letesenbet Gidey 14:08.79
2 KEN Winnie Jemutai 14:56.99
3 KEN Edinah Jebitok 15:01.97
4 ESP Marta García 15:02.11
5 USA Karissa Schweizer 15:02.62
6 KEN Celestine Jepkosgei Biwot 15:03.33
7 GBR Jessica Warner-Judd 15:04.01
8 HUN Viktória Wagner-Gyürkés 15:15.21
9 GBR Hannah Nuttall 15:16.92
10 USA Allie Buchalski 15:20.66
11 NOR Amalie Sæten 15:27.00
12 HUN Lili Anna Vindics-Tóth 15:42.68
13 ETH Abersh Minsewo 15:45.38

Men’s High Jump

Hamish Kerr from New Zealand clinched the top spot with a jump of 2.24 meters. Tobias Potye from Germany also had a 2.24-meter jump but with more failed attempts, placing him in second. Edgar Rivera from Mexico secured the third position with a 2.20-meter jump.

Place Country Name Mark
1 NZL Hamish Kerr 2.24m
2 GER Tobias Potye 2.24m
3 MEX Edgar Rivera 2.20m
4 MEX Erik Portillo 2.20m
5 JPN Tomohiro Shinno 2.20m
6 UKR Bohdan Bondarenko 2.16m
7 GBR Joel Clarke-Khan 2.16m
8 BAH Shaun Miller JR. 2.12m
9 GER Falk Wendrich 2.12m
10 BAH Donald Thomas 2.12m

Women’s Long Jump

Tiffany Flynn from the USA soared to victory with a 6.48-meter jump. Mikaelle Assani from Germany was a close second with a 6.42-meter leap, and Jazmin Sawyers from Great Britain also jumped 6.42 meters but settled for third place due to more failed attempts.

Place Country Name Mark
1 USA Tiffany Flynn 6.48m
2 GER Mikaelle Assani 6.42m
3 GBR Jazmin Sawyers 6.42m
4 USA Taliyah Brooks 6.35m
5 JAM Tissanna Hickling 6.34m
6 GER Malaika Mihambo 6.33m
7 SWE Khaddi Sagnia 6.32m
8 UKR Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk 6.31m

Women’s Discus

Valarie Allman from the USA shattered records with a throw of 70.47 meters, setting a new world lead. Kristin Pudenz from Germany took second place with a 64.90-meter throw, and Jorinde van Klinken from the Netherlands secured third place with a 64.11-meter throw.

Place Country Name Mark
1 USA Valarie Allman 70.47m
2 GER Kristin Pudenz 64.90m
3 NED Jorinde van Klinken 64.11m
4 CRO Sandra Perković 63.95m
5 CUB Yaime Pérez 63.82m

Men’s Javelin

Julian Weber from Germany took the top spot with an 84.09-meter throw. Andrian Mardare from Moldova secured second place with an 81.37-meter throw, and Edis Matusevicius from Lithuania took third place with an 80.16-meter throw.

Place Country Name Mark
1 GER Julian Weber 84.09m
2 MDA Andrian Mardare 81.37m
3 LTU Edis Matusevicius 80.16m
4 ROU Alexandru Mihaita Novac 79.16m
5 JPN Roderick Genki Dean 78.64m
6 BEL Timothy Herman 77.32m
7 GER Max Dehning 77.03m
8 NOR Kasper Sagen 76.26m
9 GER Thomas Röhler 71.99m


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