Yohan Blake admitted in a recent interview that he is not on speaking terms with his former coach Glen Mills.

However, the 2011 World 100m champion, said this would end soon.

“To be honest, right now, we don’t speak, but that is going to solve soon. Coach Mills is a really good person.

“He is a great coach; he took me from 10.11 to the second-fastest man in the world (9.69),” said Blake.

“I know things should have been better with us because life is very short and anything can happen. I just want us to be on good terms

“I take nothing away from coach Mills; he is a great coach.

Blake and Mills had differences, which led the athlete to separate himself.

Asked if things could have been handled better, Blake replied: “I don’t live life through regrets, but I know it could have been handled better.”

However, he was quick to point out “I’m happy with where I am at, Gregory Little is doing an amazing job.”

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    • Complete the process by shedding all of the baggage. If possible at all, find your way back home to not only a good coach, but one of the world’s best, Glenn Mills. Get also a good sport phycologist, I believe you desperately need one. I believe in you Yohan! You have the talent a plenty, the experience, the work ethic, the ambition, the will and the Lord to make it all come together. Keep healthy my brother! I am rooting for you.


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