blankRIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil — United States 4x100m ladies will get a second chance to defend their Olympic Games crown.

Team USA finished at the back of the field in heat 2, in 1:06.71.

However, the team protested that Felix was impeded by the Brazilian athlete, which resulted in a poor baton exchange to English Gardner.

Felix explained why the baton was dropped. “I think I got propelled at about 20 miles an hour. When a foreign object comes in front of you, it’s going to mess up the momentum and the handover.”

According to the Official Communication, “In accordance with the IAAF rule 125.7, the track video referees decided that, following the disqualification of the Brazilian team for obstruction (IAAF rule 163.2b), the USA team shall be given the opportunity to run once again with the possibility to qualify by time.”

“The composition and the running order of the team must be the same. The re-run will be conducted at 7:00pm (5pm JA time and 6pm EST) on 18 August,” the communication said.

They will have to run faster than China’s 42.70 from the heat.


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