Tokyo 2020

Rescheduling the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be “like a huge jigsaw puzzle”, admitted IOC president Thomas Bach.

A taskforce called “Here We Go” has been set up by the body to find an appropriate date, which he said might not be limited to the summer months.

He said: “This is like a huge jigsaw puzzle and every piece has to fit. You take out one piece; the whole puzzle is destroyed.

“Everything has to come together, and everything is important. This is why I really do not envy the members of this taskforce in their work.”

Meanwhile, World Athletics said it still hoped a “season of one-day meetings” could be staged in 2020.

The world body said it could start and end later than usual and hoped athletes could have access to competition in every region.

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By Alfonz Juck (eme news)

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