Elaine Thompson-Herah into the Tokyo 2020 women's 200m final

Olympic Games sprint double champion Elaine Thompson-Herah has withdrawn from Friday’s (3 Sept) Brussels Diamond League as a precaution.

She was down to face Sha’Carri Richardson and Shericka Jackson in the women’s 200m. However, a well-placed source said a health decision was taken to pull her from the event.

“There is no plan to run her in anymore 200m this season,” the source close to her group told Trackalerts.com. The decision, according to our source, “is to protect her Achilles.”

“You would have realized she hasn’t run any 200m after the Olympic Games, and that is the reason, not to pressure her Achilles on the curve,” the source said.

The race is now between Jackson, Richardson and world champion Dina Asher-Smith.

In her last outing, Asher-Smith ran 22.19 (+2.4m/s wind) for third at the Prefontaine Classic on 21 Aug, 2021.

Jackson has not run a 200m race since her exit in the first round at the Tokyo 2020 games.

Richardson missed the Olympic Games because of a ban. She was humiliated over 100m at Prefontaine on her return.

Five things to look out for in Brussels


By Anthony Foster

Is a two-time Jamaica sports journalist of the year (2004 and 2005) and world-renowned journalist. One of his award-winning articles was on Usain Bolt, 6-time Olympic champion, 11-time World champion and sprint double record holder, was published in the Jamaica Gleaner in 2004. Anthony has covered Olympic Games in Beijing 2008, London 2012 and Rio 2016; Six (6) IAAF World Athletics Championships between 2007 and 2019 and several other international sporting events, including the 2007 World Cup of cricket and his favourite football team, Argentina vs the USA in 2004.

35 thoughts on “Thompson-Herah withdraws to protect Achilles”
  1. Great move my queen. Nothing to prove to anyone. Love and blessings be multiplied to you. #HISGLORY
    Thanks to your husband who have always supported you when many Jamaicans didn’t. We owe you a debt of gratitude Derron Herah 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲❤️❤️❤️🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  2. Congratulations my grandma grandpa and my mom name sake and fellow Jamaican,get your rest hon and make sure you drink lots of coconut water,and let grandma make you some good corn meal porridge with lots of coconut milk🌴🙏 🥥 🙏🥛🙏🇯🇲🙏🇺🇸🙏

  3. Smart move – at this point- we know the deal! The only person you need to prove anything too, is yourself. Rest up…the records will be there for you to break. ❤👍🏾🙏🏾JS 😎

  4. There is no plan to run her in anymore 200m this season,” the source close to her group told Trackalerts.com. The decision, according to our source, “is to protect her Achilles.”…. What they feel this is boy! They running ah horse….is ah human!! There’s no plan to run her!! Wat d hell! Is how they said it 😳

  5. Take that break Humble Queen Elaine, you did an excellent job out there. Do you ,get some rest. Love you girl. Just remember that everyone laugh in your face is not your friend. Don’t follow hype zone, stay in you lane and be humble same way.

  6. She’s said she was tired after winning the 100 at the Olympics.
    She said didn’t sleep after she won. because she had the 200 the next day & the travel has gotten to her…Let her rest, but the Jamaican fans want her to break Flo’s 100 record so bad

  7. Great choice . I’m so happy you make this choice. You are top class and on top , you are uptop boss and you not suppose to be running with some disrespectful gal anymore wah a run her mouth like when she have diarrhea. You have nothing more to prove in a race with her for 2021. Mi can’t wait fi tomorrow fi mi funny girl shareika run weh left some gal in her panty. 😂😂😂 you guys are our queens and we respect all of you and we here supporting you with whatever decisions you all make. Go Elaine you rock.✌🏿

  8. Right decision. Running the curve in the 200m puts a lot of pressure on the ankle and achilles tendons. She’s gone through that before would have been foolhardy to risk another injury like it again.

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