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Taliyah Brooks Dominates Women’s Heptathlon at World Athletics Combined Events Tour Gold

Taliyah Brooks Dominates Women’s Heptathlon at World Athletics Combined Events Tour Gold
Taliyah Brooks

Taliyah Brooks of the USA emerged victorious in the Women’s Heptathlon at the World Athletics Combined Events Tour Gold in Brescia, Italy. Brooks secured the top spot with a total of 6330 points, showcasing her versatility across the seven events.

Brooks topped the women’s 100m hurdles in 13.14, 200m in 23.92, and long jump with 6.52m. ALSO READ: Noah Lyles Makes a Statement with Sub-10 Second Sprint at USATF Bermuda Grand Prix

“I’m excited to come here, get a decent score and walk away healthy,” said Brooks. “I got the exact same score as last time. Last year I was really happy with my 800m, and this year is the same – I set a PB by two seconds. It’s something I’ve been working really hard on.”

Following closely behind Brooks, Kate O’Connor of Ireland claimed the second position with an impressive tally of 6104 points, while Switzerland’s Katelyn Adel secured the third spot on the podium, accumulating a total of 6082 points.

Sweden’s Lovisa Karlsson and Bianca Salming put on strong performances to claim the fourth and fifth positions, respectively, with 6051 and 5915 points. Meanwhile, Poland’s Julia Słocka rounded off the top six with a commendable total of 5891 points, highlighting her prowess in the multi-event discipline.

Jente Hauttekeete Claims Victory in Men’s Decathlon at Brescia Event

In the Men’s Decathlon Final, Jente Hauttekeete of Belgium emerged as the champion, showcasing his prowess across the ten events to amass a total of 8020 points. Hauttekeete’s stellar performance earned him the top spot on the podium, solidifying his status as one of the premier multi-event athletes.

Estonia’s Risto Lillemets secured the second position with a total of 7971 points, closely followed by France’s Téo Bastien, who finished third with 7963 points. Jose Fernando Ferreira Santana of Brazil displayed consistency throughout the competition to claim the fourth position, tallying 7937 points.

Czech Republic’s Adam Sebastian Helcelet rounded off the top five with a total of 7824 points, showcasing his versatility and skill in the decathlon discipline.

The World Athletics Combined Events Tour Gold in Brescia witnessed outstanding performances from multi-event athletes, highlighting their dedication and talent in the demanding disciplines of heptathlon and decathlon.

Multistars Decathlon Results:

Men’s Decathlon Final:

  1. Jente HAUTTEKEETE (BEL) – 8020 points
  2. Risto LILLEMETS (EST) – 7971 points
  3. Téo BASTIEN (FRA) – 7963 points
  4. Jose Fernando FERREIRA SANTANA (BRA) – 7937 points
  5. Adam Sebastian HELCELET (CZE) – 7824 points
  6. Andrin HUBER (SUI) – 7638 points
  7. Robin BODART (BEL) – 7585 points
  8. Gerson IZAGUIRRE (VEN) – 7499 points
  9. Rafał HORBOWICZ (POL) – 7412 points
  10. Andrea CERRATO (ITA) – 7316 points
  11. Sofus Olivarius VØLUND (DEN) – 7167 points
  12. Josmi SÁNCHEZ (CUB) – 6729 points

Men’s 100m Results:

Combined 1 (Wind: -0.6):

  1. Nino PORTMANN (SUI) – 10.91s
  2. Jose SAN PASTOR (ESP) – 11.47s
  3. Santiago Adolfo FORD (CHI) – 11.50s
  4. Bastien AUZEIL (FRA) – 11.60s
  5. Thomas VAN DER PLAETSEN (BEL) – 11.68s
  6. Rafał HORBOWICZ (POL) – 11.70s

Combined 2 (Wind: -1.4):

  1. Robin BODART (BEL) – 10.93s
  2. Jose Fernando FERREIRA SANTANA (BRA) – 10.96s
  3. Sofus Olivarius VØLUND (DEN) – 11.03s
  4. Andrin HUBER (SUI) – 11.20s
  5. Risto LILLEMETS (EST) – 11.24s
  6. Gerson IZAGUIRRE (VEN) – 11.39s

Combined 3 (Wind: -1.7):

  1. Téo BASTIEN (FRA) – 11.04s
  2. Jente HAUTTEKEETE (BEL) – 11.06s
  3. Yuma MARUYAMA (JPN) – 11.08s
  4. Andrea CERRATO (ITA) – 11.21s
  5. Paweł WIESIOŁEK (POL) – 11.22s
  6. Josmi SÁNCHEZ (CUB) – 11.35s
  7. Adam Sebastian HELCELET (CZE) – 11.44s

Men’s Long Jump Results:

Combined 1:

  1. Téo BASTIEN (FRA) – 7.82m (0.0)
  2. Thomas VAN DER PLAETSEN (BEL) – 7.70m (+1.5)
  3. Paweł WIESIOŁEK (POL) – 7.40m (+2.6)
  4. Jente HAUTTEKEETE (BEL) – 7.37m (+2.9)
  5. Jose Fernando FERREIRA SANTANA (BRA) – 7.35m (+2.3)
  6. Adam Sebastian HELCELET (CZE) – 7.29m (+3.0)
  7. Andrin HUBER (SUI) – 7.08m (+1.7)
  8. Risto LILLEMETS (EST) – 7.06m (+2.3)
  9. Bastien AUZEIL (FRA) – 6.88m (+1.4)

Combined 2:

  1. Yuma MARUYAMA (JPN) – 7.54m (+3.6)
  2. Santiago Adolfo FORD (CHI) – 7.52m (+2.0)
  3. Josmi SÁNCHEZ (CUB) – 7.39m (+1.4)
  4. Andrea CERRATO (ITA) – 7.38m (+3.0)
  5. Robin BODART (BEL) – 7.35m (+2.1)
  6. Jose SAN PASTOR (ESP) – 7.35m (+3.2)
  7. Nino PORTMANN (SUI) – 7.34m (+2.2)
  8. Gerson IZAGUIRRE (VEN) – 7.11m (+3.6)
  9. Sofus Olivarius VØLUND (DEN) – 6.92m (+3.1)
  10. Rafał HORBOWICZ (POL) – 6.63m (+0.9)

Men’s Shot Put Results:

Combined 1:

  1. Adam Sebastian HELCELET (CZE) – 15.31m
  2. Rafał HORBOWICZ (POL) – 14.63m
  3. Jose SAN PASTOR (ESP) – 14.63m
  4. Bastien AUZEIL (FRA) – 14.50m
  5. Risto LILLEMETS (EST) – 14.32m
  6. Thomas VAN DER PLAETSEN (BEL) – 14.31m
  7. Jose Fernando FERREIRA SANTANA (BRA) – 14.04m
  8. Andrin HUBER (SUI) – 13.59m
  9. Gerson IZAGUIRRE (VEN) – 13.53m DNS – Paweł WIESIOŁEK (POL)

Combined 2:

  1. Jente HAUTTEKEETE (BEL) – 14.12m
  2. Yuma MARUYAMA (JPN) – 13.92m
  3. Téo BASTIEN (FRA) – 13.84m
  4. Santiago Adolfo FORD (CHI) – 13.53m
  5. Robin BODART (BEL) – 12.96m
  6. Nino PORTMANN (SUI) – 12.77m
  7. Josmi SÁNCHEZ (CUB) – 12.29m
  8. Andrea CERRATO (ITA) – 12.28m
  9. Sofus Olivarius VØLUND (DEN) – 11.97m

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