Shericka Jackson wins double at Eugene Diamond League Final : Prefontaine Classic 2023
Shericka JACKSON becomes the Diamond League Champion with a victory in the Women's 200m in a time of 21.57s at the 2023 Prefontaine Classic ... Photo Credit: Marta Gorczynska for Diamond League AG

The Wanda Diamond League has unveiled its comprehensive schedule for the 2024 season, detailing the specific disciplines to be featured at each of the series’ meetings. The season is set to commence in Xiamen on April 20, with the men’s 100m, women’s 200m, and both the 100m and 110m hurdles events taking center stage.

Diamond League 2024: Every Discipline to Shine at Brussels Finale

Throughout the Diamond League season, each discipline will be showcased a minimum of four times in all field events, excluding high jump, pole vault, and shot put. The most frequent disciplines, including the 100m, 1500m/mile, and 400m hurdles for both men and women, will be featured up to eight times leading up to the final.

In total, the 14 series meetings are each expected to host at least 14 Diamond disciplines. The 2024 Diamond League season will also see two changes in locations due to stadium renovations: the Rabat meet will be relocated to Marrakech, and the Shanghai meet will move to Suzhou.

The culmination of the season, the Wanda Diamond League Final in Brussels, is set to be an exclusive event. It will be the only meeting to feature every single discipline, ensuring that all 32 Diamond League champions are crowned over an exhilarating two-day period. This comprehensive scheduling and the strategic placement of events underscore the league’s commitment to maintaining a high level of competition and excitement throughout the athletics season.

Allocation of Diamond Disciplines

WDL 2024: Allocation of disciplines by meeting

WDL 2024: Allocation of disciplines by discipline

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