Kishane Thompson, once an unheralded figure in track and field, made everyone take notice at the Jamaica Trials in July, clocking an astonishing 9.91 seconds in the 100m heats. He opted out of the semi-finals, a decision later clarified by his coach Stephen Francis, who said Thompson would focus solely on selected races, forgoing the usual championship rounds.

This strategy is part of a larger plan to rebuild his career after injuries disrupted his momentum.

Fast forward to the recent Ximan Diamond League meet in China, a week ago, Kishane Thompson outdid himself by setting a new personal best of 9.85 seconds, although he finished second to Christian Coleman’s 9.83 seconds.

Kishane Thompson SAYS…

When asked about his performance, Kishane Thompson expressed mixed feelings. “Honestly it was a bit frustrating in a sense, because I have not been competing as much,” he revealed. “So my races are feeling a bit off; they are not put together. I know I have speed, but the execution is a bit off for me.”

This new record positions Kishane Thompson as the fastest Jamaican sprinter this year, outpacing World Athletics Championships finalist Oblique Seville. Despite the accolade, Thompson seemed far from content with his timing at the Diamond League meet. “I am all right with the time; it could be a bit better,” he stated.

Thompson’s comments signal a relentless pursuit of excellence, suggesting that while he may have achieved a personal best, the sprinter believes his ultimate capabilities have yet to be realized. With this mindset, Kishane Thompson is likely to be a competitor to watch in future competitions, as he strives to push the boundaries of his own limits.

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