Tragic End for Former KC Track Star Andre Pickersgill and Companion in Lloyd
Tragic End for Former KC Track Star Andre Pickersgill and Companion in Lloyd

Former Kingston College (KC) track and field athlete Andre Pickersgill, 31, and Tiffany Perry, 34, were found dead in a residence in Lloyd, Ulster County. The discovery was made by the State Police in Highland, who were responding to a welfare check at 23 Church Street on December 13, 2023.

Highland State Police Discover Bodies of Andre Pickersgill and Tiffany Perry

Investigations indicated that Perry suffered multiple stab wounds, and it is believed that Pickersgill inflicted these before he took his own life. Authorities have confirmed that there is no ongoing threat to public safety, though the investigation into this incident is still active.

Pickersgill was a notable high school athlete, being a part of the KC team that included Adrian Bonner, Danzeto Cephas, and Donahue Williams. This team achieved distinction by winning the 2007 High School Boys’ 4×800 Championship of America at the Penn Relays.

The community is now dealing with the aftermath of this incident, which stands in stark contrast to Pickersgill’s earlier achievements in the realm of athletics. As the investigation continues, more details are expected to emerge about this unfortunate event.

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  1. I was married to this man !
    He was genuinely a good person battling mental health issues ” witch he and I spoke about on many occasions…I’m deeply sadden for the lost of miss Tiffany perry. I wished I could have given her heads up on but I felt out of place to discuss my past relationship issues with her ,maybe she would have thought I jealous… pickersgill wanted to kill me and himself for a very long time ! I spent 3 years in fear but by God’s grace I was able to free myself with getting the law involved early…mental health is a pandemic and most times we are in denial and won’t seek help 🙏 for both families

  2. Yea well let’s talk about Tiffany perry.. he took her life and was a coward and hung himself. Let’s talk about her accomplishments and how she was a brilliant young soul that devoted her time as a nurse in the community.

  3. Yea and let’s not forget she was a brilliant kind hearted nurse in the community…. he killed her and then was a coward and hung himself…


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