Tobi Amusan Fiercely Supports Coach Golding-Clarke in Wake of Criticism
Tobi Amusan Fiercely Supports Coach Golding-Clarke in Wake of Criticism

Jamaican coach Lacena Golding-Clarke, known for mentoring world 100m hurdles record holder Tobi Amusan, recently faced an unwarranted critique, being labeled as “bogus.” This accusation surfaced after Golding-Clarke’s interview about coaching Amusan. The Nigerian sprinter, Amusan, quickly stepped up to defend her coach against these claims.

In an Instagram post, Tobi Amusan shared a conversation between herself and Golding-Clarke, where the coach recounted being called “bogus” by a Nigerian caller during a Jamaican radio interview. Amusan’s response was one of disbelief and support, questioning the critic’s judgment and affirming Golding-Clarke’s significant role in her athletic achievements.

Tobi Amusan Fiercely Supports Coach Golding-Clarke in Wake of Criticism

“The someone is mad!! Why would he say that?? Is he blind, deaf or just rose from the dead?? I’m so sorry mam. You are my coach, the WR holder’s coach,” Amusan wrote. ALSO READ: Jamaican-coached Tobi Amusan smashes 100m hurdles world record – Oregon22

Tobi Amusan also took the opportunity to publicly praise her coach. She described Golding-Clarke as the embodiment of “bluntness & realness” and acknowledged the vital qualities she has learned from her, including strength, determination, self-discipline, and respect. This heartfelt tribute underlines the strong bond and mutual respect in their coach-athlete relationship.

“Best in bluntness and realness; from you, ma, I have learned strength, determination, self-discipline, and respect, among many others. Mrs. Clarke, I can’t thank you enough for your dedication to helping me pursue my goals and for all of your inspiring lessons,” she wrote.

Amusan shared some of the questions asked after her world record and World Championships success in Eugene in 2022.

“Who is Tobi’s Coach?”
“Tell him thank you.”
“She didn’t coach her.”
“When did she start coaching?”
“Is that your teammate?”… The questions don’t stop, yet you receive every single one of them deftly. Na real woman you be.

“To my behind-the-scene warrior, solid and selfless woman, thank you, ma. English no come too much, been typing this for over 3 weeks, ko easy jare. Abeg, make una help express gratitude to my Coach; she no dey gree for me, but I lofff her,” she added.

This incident not only underscores the close connection between Amusan and Golding-Clarke but also highlights the importance of coach support in the journey to athletic success.

Tobi Amusan’s spirited defense of her coach reflects the deep appreciation and acknowledgment of Golding-Clarke’s pivotal role in shaping her career as a world record holder in track and field.

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