Noah Lyles for New York Grand Prix - US trials - Usain Bolt
Noah Lyles finishes third in tight men's 60m race at Austin meet

American sprint sensation Noah Lyles has etched his name in the annals of track and field history, surpassing the legendary Usain Bolt in a significant record. This season, Lyles achieved an extraordinary feat by adding six sub-20-second finishes in the 200m to his already impressive tally, bringing his total to 39.

This achievement eclipses Usain Bolt’s record of 34 and solidifies Noah Lyles’ status as the athlete with the most 200m races completed under the 20-second mark.

Lyles’ dominance in the 200m has been unparalleled in recent years, consistently finishing races under 20 seconds and maintaining an unbeaten streak in his specialist event. His prowess was on full display earlier in 2023 when he clocked a blistering 19.51 seconds in the 200m finals at the World Championships, successfully defending his title. This victory marked his third World Championship win in the event, positioning him ahead of renowned sprinters Michael Johnson and Calvin Smith, and second only to Bolt.

A New Era in Sprinting: Noah Lyles Tops Usain Bolt’s Record

The 2023 Budapest World Athletics Championships witnessed Lyles achieve the coveted sprint treble, securing gold in the 100m, 200m, and 4x100m relay. He became the first sprinter to accomplish this since Bolt in 2015, underscoring his extraordinary talent and versatility on the track.

Lyles’ impact extends beyond his athletic achievements, mirroring the global popularity once enjoyed by Bolt. He’s not only focused on sprinting but also on transcending the sport. His endeavors off the track, including his notable appearances at high-profile events like the Met Gala and Paris Fashion Week, alongside his unique fashion choices and bold statements, underscore his influence and appeal that reach far beyond the realms of track and field. Noah Lyles isn’t just a sprinter; he’s a sports icon redefining what it means to be an athlete in the modern era.

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  1. People who are new to track and field don’t understand Jamaican superstars like Bolt, Mommy Rocket, Fast Elaine, etc; they were built to win championships by their coaches Stephen Francis, and Glen Mills. They don’t need to run every week; they’re built for Worlds, and Olympics. Go Google Jamaican dominance since @2008, so surpassing a minor appearance record of Bolt is nothing to make a big deal about; now break his 100 and 200 meters record, and you chat as much as you want. Jamaica rules🇯🇲

  2. Whoever wrote this rubbish just started watching track and field. Bolt ran fewer races, he only made appearances, he didn’t have to get up and ran fast at every track meet because he is the record holder.

  3. But has he broken any of the track records???? That’s what he been promising. Leave it up to American media to fixate on something lesser like it’s a big deal when the big deal isn’t achieved. 🙄

  4. He can try to brake every record in the book. But one thing I know for sure is those 100m and 200m records will never be broken and certainly not by him. Am almost certain that most of these records that he and others are Gloating about, the Great Usain Bolt never even knew he had them. Most of u athletes r just clutching at straws and trying to be relevant. There is gonna be only One Usain Bolt in our lifetime. MEMBA DAT!

  5. He is better than Bolt in one respect so far. He doesn’t seem to get injured so he has been blessed with injury free seasons. Will be watching keenly to see if his coach can chart a path that will lead to him finally getting over the line first in an individual event at the Olympics.

  6. Needs 19.18 in 200 metres
    9.57 in 100 metres to be the greatest of all time don’t think the 100 is in him but 200 very possible fast star good legal wind behind him nice and warm and others pushing him very possible,I’d love to see it happen


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