Shericka Jackson wins women's 200m at NACAC Championships
Shericka Jackson wins women's 200m at NACAC Championships

Shericka Jackson believes she is now even faster than when she achieved her 21.45 victory in the 200m and secured the title at the Eugene 2022 World Athletics Championships. She confidently states her position among the top athletes and is fully prepared to take part in the 100m and 200m races at this year’s Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships.

Can Shericka Jackson win in Budapest 23?

“I’m in pretty good shape, so it’s all about putting it together. I think everything is possible,” she answered World Athletics. ALSO READ: Shericka Jackson Takes Gold in Monaco

During the Eugene 2022 event, Jackson triumphed in the women’s 200m with a time of 21.45, setting a new Jamaican record. Additionally, she secured the second position in the 100m, completing the race in 10.73 (which was her personal best at that time), following closely behind her teammate Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce who achieved a time of 10.67 (a championship record).

In anticipation of the championships scheduled to take place from August 19th to 27th, Jackson graciously responded to questions posed by World Athletics in a pre-event interview. ALSO READ: Shericka Jackson Aims for 200m Victory, Sha’Carrie Richardson to…

Shericka Jackson questions and answers before Budapest 23

On the change from running 200m and 400m to running 100m and 200m:

“It was difficult at first. I doubted my ability at 100m but my coach reassured me I’m capable of running a fast 100m. At the time I was supposed to run 200m at the Olympics so I had to put up with negative comments.

“My body physically took a toll. It was Olympic year and I wanted to be well prepared mentally. Even though I was physically fit I think I struggled a lot that season.”

On her expectations at the Budapest World Championships:

“I’m in pretty good shape so it’s all about putting it together. I think everything is possible.

“I worked a lot on preparing to run the 200m. Last year I ran 21.45 but now I am definitely faster, so I’m ready for the championships mentally and technically. All that left is just to execute a good race.”

On aiming to compete over 100m, 200m and in the relays:

“I love to compete a lot. I just want to show up, have some fun and do my best.

“I’m definitely excited about the relays. I think we are ready. Once we put the line-up together, I think we are capable of anything.”

On whether she is an underdog for the 100m:

“Definitely not. I believe I’m among the best and I’ve been working hard so there’s no pressure for me.”


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