Femke Bol brings down curtain in Budapest 2023 in show-stopping style
Femke Bol brings down curtain in Budapest 2023 in show-stopping style

Let’s take a closer look at the pivotal moments and critical statistics that defined Day 9 at the Budapest 2023 World Athletics Championships. Our “Key Stats and Insights” segment uncovers the data behind the thrilling events, shedding light on the standout performances and remarkable achievements that unfolded on this exciting day.

Budapest 2023 World Athletics Championships STATS (by Ken Nakamura)


  • Uganda secured its first World Championship (WC) Marathon gold since S. Kiprotich’s win in 2013.
  • V. Kiplagat is the third athlete to win both the Commonwealth Games (CWG) and WC marathon.
  • Teferi clinched the first men’s marathon medal for Israel in the WC.
  • The 26-second gap is the second smallest difference between 1st and 3rd in WC Marathon history. The smallest difference was 11 seconds in 2019.


  • Ingebrigtsen’s second gold makes him the fourth multiple winner of the 5000m in WC, joining Edris, Farah, and I. Kirui.
  • Katir secured Spain’s first 5000m medal in the WC.


  • The same three runners who won medals in the previous WC in Eugene also won this year, but the order of finish was reversed.
  • 1:56.03 is the tenth fastest time for the W800m in WC history.
  • It’s the best 6th place mark in WC for the W800m.


  • The winning margin of 4.69 seconds is the second-largest in WC history for W3000mSC. The largest margin was 4.94 seconds in 2011.
  • 8:54.29 is the second fastest time for W3000mSC in WC, with the fastest being 8:53.02 by Jeruto in Eugene.
  • The best times for 5th-8th place in W3000mSC in WC were recorded.
  • Yavi clinched the first medal (gold) for Bahrain in W3000mSC in WC.
  • Beatrice Chepkoech secured her second medal, having won gold in 2019. She is the seventh athlete to win multiple medals in W3000mSC in WC.

Javelin Throw (JT):

  • Chopra won India’s first gold in JT at WC. He is the first to win the WC, Olympic Games (OG), Asian Games (Asian G), and Asian Championship in JT.
  • Nadeem clinched Pakistan’s first-ever medal at WC.
  • It’s the second medal for Chopra and the third for Vadlejch in JT at WC. Only Zelezny (five medals) and Thorkildsen (four medals) have more than Vadlejch.

High Jump (HJ):

  • Mahuchikh secured Ukraine’s first HJ gold since Babakova in 1999.
  • It’s the third medal for Mahuchikh in WHJ at WC. Babakova, also from Ukraine, has five.
  • Australia clinched two medals in WHJ at WC. Previously, Russia, Cuba, Sweden, and the USSR have won multiple medals in WHJ at WC.

4x400m Relay (4x400mR):

  • France secured its second medal, having won gold in 2003.
  • 2:57.31 is the ninth fastest time for the 4x400mR in WC.
  • It’s the best 5th place time for the 4x400mR in WC.
  • The US clinched its 12th gold in the 4x400mR at WC.

Women’s 4x400m Relay (W4x400mR):

  • The best times for 6th, 7th, and 8th place in W4x400mR in WC were recorded.
  • The Netherlands, anchored by Femke Bol, clinched its first medal (gold) in W4x400mR at WC.
  • The winning margin of 0.16 seconds isn’t the smallest ever. The record is 0.11 seconds from 1997.


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