New Life Invitational - Adidas Atlanta City Games --- Antonio Watson wins the men's 400m at the Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships
Antonio Watson

Experience the essence of Day 6 at the Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships as we present our all-encompassing report, shedding light on the groundbreaking achievements of Jamaicans Antonio Watson and Danielle Williams. Unveil the core of the day’s action with our “Key Stats and Insights,” exploring the fundamental data and standout moments that characterize the thrilling events and remarkable performances.

Jamaicans in Action | Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships Day 7 Schedule

Budapest 23 Day 6 STATS (by Ken Nakamura)

35km Walk Kawano became the first multiple medalist in the 35km walk; he won silver last year and bronze today. A 4-second difference marks the largest winning margin in the WC. It’s the first medal for ESP and ECU, while it’s the second medal for JPN in the WC 35km walk (excluding the 50km walk era).

Women’s 35km Walk ESP secured victory in both the men’s and women’s 35km walks. Similar to Kimberly Garcia last year, Maria Perez clinched victories in both the 20k and 35k walks. Kim Garcia, who won gold last year in Eugene, earned her second medal in the 35km walk.

Women’s 200m Semifinal With a time of 22.34, it’s the third-fastest time that failed to qualify for the final in the WC; the fastest was 22.08 by Prandini from Eugene. Gabby Thomas equaled the fifth-fastest time in the WC Women’s 200m semifinal, clocking in at 21.97.

200m Semifinal Noah Lyles‘ time of 19.76 is the second-fastest semifinal time in the 200m WC; the only faster time was 19.62 by Lyles in Eugene.

800m Semifinal Moula’s time of 1:43.93 is the second-fastest semifinal time in the 800m WC; the fastest was 1:43.87 by Solomon in 2013. Setting a new record, the fastest semifinal time in the 800m WC is 1:43.83, surpassing the previous record of 1:43.87 set by Solomon. A time of 1:44.30 is the fastest time that failed to qualify for the final in the WC; the previous record was 1:44.89 by Brandon Johnson in 2013.

Long Jump (LJ) The winning margin of 2cm is the smallest ever in the WC LJ; the previous minimum was 4cm in 2022, 2017, and 1991. For the third time in WC LJ history, the difference between 3rd and 4th place was 0cm; this occurred in 1983 and 2001 previously. JAM won multiple medals in the WC LJ for the first time; previously, only the US (three times) and RSA had achieved this in the WC LJ. Tentoglou became the first LJ athlete to secure victories in the WC, OG, WI, and EC.

Women’s 100m Hurdles (W100mH) Danielle Williams became the fifth hurdler to win multiple medals in the W100mH at the WC; This was also her third medal; only Devers has more medals in this event in the WC.

Women’s Hammer Throw (WHT) For the second WC in a row, North Americans swept the medals in the WHT. Rogers secured the first gold for CAN in the WC WHT; Rogers had previously won silver in Eugene, while Kassanavoid improved from Bronze to Silver; For Price, it’s also her second medal, having won gold in 2019; so all medalists have now won their second medal.

400m Antonio Watson became the second World Youth champion (after Kirani James) to win a World Championship in the 400m. JAM secured its first gold since 1983 (Bert Camaron) in the WC 400m. Hudson-Smith won his second medal (bronze in Eugene) in the WC 400m; it was the first silver since Roger Black won silver in 1991.

Women’s 400m Hurdles (W400mH) Femke Bol‘s time of 51.70 is the second-fastest time in the W400mH at the WC. NED secured its first gold in the WC W400mH; Bol had previously won silver for NED in Eugene. The winning margin of 1.10 seconds is the third-largest in the W400mH at the WC; larger margins were seen in Eugene (1.59 seconds) and Moskva (1.26). Best marks were recorded for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th positions in the WC W400mH.

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