European Athletes of the Year FILE PHOTO: Gala dei Castelli -- Femke Bol smashes records in 400m hurdles, eyeing global title. A remarkable display of form and speed that leaves spectators in awe. #Athletics #TrackAndField #TrackAndFieldNews
Femke Bol

LONDON (GBR): Femke Bol believes there is still “room to improve” after running 51.45 in the 400m hurdles in London.

The Dutch athlete, Femke Bol, shattered her own Diamond League record and continental record, showcasing the exceptional form that might secure her first global title next month as the European champion.

From the first barrier, Bol took the lead and steadily increased the distance between herself and the rest of the field with every stride. By the halfway mark, she had already built a half-second advantage over the US champion Shamier Little, and that margin expanded to a full second as Bol entered the home straight.

“To be honest, I felt really good at some points in the race. I tried not to think about the goal. I felt so strong coming over the last hurdle, so I’m really happy,” Femke Bol said.

Even if fatigue crept in during the home stretch, she adeptly concealed it, surging down the final 100 meters and crossing the finish line in 51.45 – a time that, merely 13 months ago, would have been a world record. Only world and Olympic champion Sydney McLaughlin-Levrone has ever run faster, achieving her 51.41 world record at the 2022 US Championships and her remarkable 50.68 world record at the World Championships one month later.

“I’ve been wanting to run a 51 ever since Tokyo. I had a feeling I could do it, but I still can’t believe I’ve done it. I hope we can put up a great race at the World Championships and put on a great show. I hope I’m in even better shape than I am now.

“There’s always room to improve, but for now, I’m going to enjoy this,” Bol said.



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