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Johnson wants IOC to say more

Johnson wants IOC to say more
Tokyo 2020

Legendary sprinter Michael Johnson has called on the IOC to say when they will decide on the fate of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

“IOC should communicate the window for deciding on the ’20 Olympics,” tweeted Johnson, a four-time Olympic Games champion.

The outbreak of coronavirus has caused many qualifying events to be postponed or cancelled in the last two months. Some athletes are unable to train due to the containment measures in their country.

“Athletes must keep training, but for many, there’s nowhere to train! They may risk their lives and others trying to continue training,” continued the Atlanta 1996n Olympic Games 200/400m champion.

Johnson, eight-time World champion, said the “answer isn’t just canceled ASAP” while adding “communicate the process to the athletes!” is the best thing at this time.

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