JOA gives light to Usain Bolt track

Responding to the call of Coach Fitz Coleman for lights at the Usain Bolt Track, located on the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies, in enabling training of athletes at night, the Jamaica Olympic Association (JOA) delivered for athletes and coaches by financing the installation of sets of lights.

For months the track was without lights which disrupted training schedules of athletes aspiring to represent Jamaica
on the regional and international stages. JOA President, Christopher Samuda, stated that “the JOA’s primary
investment resides in our athletes and coaches. Our business strategies revolve around our athletes and
coaches. Our inspiration comes from our athletes and coaches. The call was therefore compelling and we answered
in earnest.”

JOA gives light to Usain Bolt track
L-R Athlete Gavin Wollaston; UWI Sport Manager, Davion Meghoo; JOA Director, Fabian
Stewart; Athlete Kai Chang; Coach Julian Robinson; Coach Fitz Coleman; and JOA President,
Christopher Samuda

Elite and well-respected coaches, Fitz Coleman and Julian Robinson, were elated and thanked the governing body for
its generosity. “I wish to thank the JOA for the lights which were well needed for the athletes and will certainly help us coaches.” Coleman remarked while Robinson echoed his sentiments and praised the JOA for “delivering when
athletes and coaches were in real need.”

The JOA development policy is athlete-centric and “as change-makers we understand that change starts with the
foundation – the athlete – then spirals to the apex as it transforms the entire body of sport” JOA Secretary
General/CEO, Ryan Foster, said.

The national association continues to emphasize the importance of a viable infrastructure for sport and JOA boss
Samuda was relentless in his comment: “No infrastructure, no development. No infrastructure, no light at the end of the tunnel. No infrastructure, darkness on the field of play.”

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