Olympic champion Usain Bolt fights to recover $12 million from SSL
Olympic champion Usain Bolt fights to recover $12 million from SSL

In a recent World Athletics feature, “Inside Track,” the enduring question of which Usain Bolt record will fall first was spotlighted. Bolt himself, when asked, responded with humor, “Not worried about none of them,” before laughing. 

Usain Bolt expressed uncertainty but suggested, “I think the 100m is going to be harder to break. It’s quicker, and if you make a mistake, you won’t get it. It’s more technical, so maybe the 100m will last longer.”

Richard Thompson on Usain Bolt’s 100m Record: ‘Almost Impossible to Break’

Trinidad and Tobago sprinter Richard Thompson, Olympic silver medalist behind Bolt at Beijing 2008, shared his thoughts: “No one is touching that 100m world record for a very long time. Two men ran 9.69 and their bodies fell apart after. 9.58 seems almost impossible.” He referred to Jamaican Yohan Blake and Tyson Gay, who clocked 9.96 seconds, Blake in Lausanne 2012 with a -0.1 wind and Gay in Shanghai 2009 with a +2.0m/s wind.

Former Antigua and Barbuda sprinter Daniel Bailey, a former training partner of Bolt in Kingston, simply said, “None at the moment.”

A fan, LJ, commented, “You all realize Bolt set those records across eight rounds? What if he had only six rounds? Or ran in a different stadium, as Berlin was considered a ‘slow track’? What if he was serious about training 365 days a year? Considering his training habits and partying, I believe Bolt’s personal bests are soft.”

These insights from athletes and fans alike spark intriguing discussions about the longevity of Bolt’s iconic records.

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  1. Wendell Powerful the 200m every time Noah run with 40m to go look like him a go break it with Kerrigan him main rival both young them only van get faster..4x100m now is different them have to come close to 36 meaning run under 37s…them have to beat the old marks of 37.04

  2. Boysie Robinson I don’t know man but that 200m is no easy feat. They still have to get past Blake’s 19.26 first. While 4 top runners with excellent baton changes could take the 4×100 relay before tie 200m goes down.

  3. With the advent of covid juke, athletes are slower. When men start running 9.7’s again, we’ll pick up back this convo. For now I watch all yhe youtube videos between 2008 and 2016 almost every night no exaggeration, they are truly my favourites, My family stuck on those and they feel the same way I feel.

  4. The Americans will tell you that, has soon has any runner break out in America trials are be4 that. They go into a hyping mood hyping and carrion say that they can break it…watch my word that someone from over AMERICA will spring up hyping saying that his record will go…..until it doesn’t MATERIALISE,…..Next…

  5. It’s hard to say, I do believe more people are going after the 100m and America wants the bragging rites for the 4×100 relay so they’re going after that but they need a good 4 man team for that so I think the 200m will stand for a long time🤔I’m keeping an eye on that Lyles kid he’s fast, dedicated and young 🤔🤣🔥🙏🏿


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