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Noah Lyles

Triple World Champion Noah Lyles and his girlfriend, Junelle Bromfield, have once again showcased their creative talents by winning the Family Gingerbread House Competition for the second consecutive year. The sprinting star, known for his dominance on the track and unique fashion sense, revealed this fun-filled family activity on social media last month (December 2023).

Lyles took to Instagram to share a glimpse of the gingerbread house-making competition, a festive event where teams within the family vied for the top spot. The two-time World 200m champion also shared a video on his Twitter, highlighting the gingerbread house that clinched them the victory.

Noah Lyles Showcases Creative Flair, Secures Victory in Family Gingerbread Contest with Girlfriend

In his post, Noah Lyles humorously remarked, “For the second year in a row me and Junelle have won the Family gingerbread house competition. Burned our fingers for it and everything.”

The competition saw various teams, including ‘Star Platinum,’ led by Noah’s brother Josephus Lyles, and ‘Team Champions,’ the winning team of Lyles and Bromfield. Noah’s mother also participated, forming one of the four teams in the competition. Each team displayed their creativity and skill, crafting gingerbread houses with intricate decorations and unique designs.

However, it was Lyles and Bromfield’s creation that garnered the most attention. Josephus also shared a video of his team’s gingerbread house, showcasing his artistic talents in this light-hearted family contest.

This event highlights a different side of Noah Lyles, contrasting with his usual spotlight as an elite sprinter. His and Bromfield’s win in the gingerbread house competition adds a personal touch to his public persona, showing a fun and familial aspect of his life off the track.

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