Tigist Assefa's Berlin Marathon World Record Fuels Olympic Dreams for Ethiopia
Tigist Assefa's Berlin Marathon World Record Fuels Olympic Dreams for Ethiopia

Tigist Assefa expressed hope that her world record performance in the Berlin Marathon would inspire young female athletes in Ethiopia. “I hope my performance will motivate young women athletes in Ethiopia and give our country a boost ahead of the Paris Olympic Games,” Tigist Assefa said.

“I believe this achievement should secure my selection for the Games,” she told Race News Service. ALSO READ: Tigst Assefa Shatters World Record at Berlin Marathon

Eliud Kipchoge on Tigist Assefa’s New World Record

Eliud Kipchoge, the men’s marathon world record-holder, praised Assefa’s accomplishment, saying it sets a new standard for female runners. “No human is limited, and that’s why a 2:11 time is now the world record. Assefa has shown what’s possible, and I trust this will change the mindset of other women to aim for even faster times,” Kipchoge said.

Amanal Petros Breaks German Record with Rigid Routine

Amanal Petros attributed his 2:04:58 German record-breaking run in the Berlin Marathon to a strict regimen of “training, sleeping, and eating.” “The past few months in Kenya consisted solely of this routine, repeated day in and day out. I’ve never worked so hard,” said Petros, the first German runner to break the 2:05 barrier.

Fabienne Schlumpf Targets Valencia After Swiss Record

After setting a Swiss record of 2:25:27 in the Berlin Marathon, Fabienne Schlumpf plans to participate in the Valencia Marathon on December 3.

Additional Record-Breaking Performances

Besides Schlumpf’s Swiss record, Angie Orjuela set a Colombian and South American record with a time of 2:25:35. Marina Khmelevskaya set a national record for Uzbekistan with a time of 2:29:28. Also noteworthy were national records set by Wan Chun Wong for Hong Kong (2:16:22) and Mohammad Jaafar Moradi for Iran (2:17:14).


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