Rai Benjamin
Rai Benjamin

LOS ANGELES, USA – Rai Benjamin established a new Diamond League record and clocked the fastest time of 2023, while also defeating Karsten Warholm, the men’s 400m hurdles world record holder and Olympic and three-time world champion.

Despite these accomplishments, Benjamin expressed reluctance to find satisfaction in them. “Means nothing,” Rai Benjamin stated in a Track and Field News report.

Rai Benjamin aiming for Olympic success in 2024

“I didn’t do it at Worlds, and I didn’t do it at the Olympics. It’s Diamond League final. But no one is ever going to remember Diamond League champion. Everyone is going to remember Olympic champion.”

When questioned about his ambitions for the Paris Olympics, he confidently replied, “Taking Benjamin for the win in 2024.”

Rai Benjamin gained recognition for his remarkable speed and technique, making him one of the top competitors in his event globally. He has won multiple medals at international competitions but is yet to claim an Olympic gold, a fact that clearly weighs heavily on him, as evident from his recent comments.


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