Racers Grand Prix --- Boris Hanzekovic Memorial - Oblique Seville of Jamaica led the 100m qualifiers on day 1 with 9.86 personal best at the Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships
FILE PHOTO: Oblique Seville

Get ready for an exhilarating Day 2 of athletic prowess at the Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships in Hungary. From August 19th to 27th, the heart of Hungary will transform into a global arena, where the world’s most exceptional athletes will converge to compete at the highest level.

When will Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Shericka Jackson run at the World Athletics Championships Budapest 23?

Under the Jamaican flag, a group of outstanding participants, including defending champions Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce and Shericka Jackson, will be in action on Sunday’s second day. Ackelia Smith, a strong medal contender, will also be in action. Oblique Seville, Rohan Watson, and Ryiem Forde are also in search of medals on the day.

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Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships – Sunday, Aug 20, Morning Session

2:35am Women’s 400m Heats
Candice McLeod (JAM) Heat 1
Nickisha Pryce (JAM) Heat 4
Charokee Young (JAM) Heat 6

3:25 am Men’s 400m Heats
Sean Bailey (JAM) Heat 4
Antonio Watson (JAM) Heat 5
Zandrion Barnes (JAM) Heat 6

3:30 am – Women’s Discus Qualification

Samantha Hall (JAM) Group B

3:35 am Men’s High Jump Qualification
Romaine Beckford (JAM) Group B

4:25 am Men’s 400mH Heats
Assinie Wilson (JAM) Heat 1
Roshawn Clarke (JAM) Heat 4
Jaheel Hyde (JAM) Heat 5

5:10 am Women’s 100m Heats
Shericka Jackson (JAM) Heat 4
Natasha Morrison (JAM) Heat 5
Shashalee Forbes (JAM) Heat 6
Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (JAM) Heat 7

6:05 am Men’s 110mH Heats
Hansle Parchment (JAM) Heat 1
Rasheed Broadbell (JAM) Heat 3
Orlando Bennett (JAM) Heat 4

Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships – Sunday, Aug 20, Evening Session

09:35 am Men’s 100M Semi-Finals
Rohan Watson (JAM) Heat 1
Ryiem Forde (JAM) Heat 2
Oblique Seville (JAM) Heat 3

09:55 am Women’s Long Jump Final

Ackelia Smith (JAM)

10:05 am Women’s 1500m Semi-Finals
Adelle Tracey (JAM) Heat 2

12:10 pm Men’s 100M Final



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