Big 12 Championships: Julien Alfred's Blistering Run Earns Gold, Kevona Davis Misses Out
Kevona Davis Falls Short as Julien Alfred Secures Gold with Blistering Run at Big 12 Championships

AUSTIN, Texas — The University of Texas Longhorns made a resounding statement in the Women’s 4x100m relay on Thursday at the NCAA Division 1 Championships, stunning both casual observers and athletics experts alike with their exceptional performance.

The team, consisting of Julien Alfred, Ezinne Abba, Rhasidat Adeleke, and Kevona Davis, clocked an impressive time of 41.55, comfortably securing their place in Saturday’s final.

Their remarkable run not only qualified them for the final but also lowered their own NCAA record, establishing it as the fifth-fastest 4x100m relay time ever recorded. Reflecting on the race in a post-event interview, Alfred described the achievement as unexpected, stating, “It happened out of nowhere.”

The team’s success can be attributed to the exceptional performances of each member. Alfred, from St. Lucia, propelled the team with a powerful start, overtaking LSU in lane 7. Abba maintained a clean separation on the backstretch, while Adeleke, a standout in the 400m, showcased her dominance on the final curve. With a seamless baton exchange, Davis confidently sprinted down the homestretch, clocking a time that comfortably placed the Longhorns well under the 42-second mark for the second time this season.

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Alfred shared her strategy for the race, saying, “Especially on the first leg, my coach said to just make up the stagger, and my teammates would take care of the rest.” She also emphasized that their focus was on winning rather than setting collegiate records, stating, “When we go out there, we don’t really go for collegiate records, we just try to win. When we compete, records come with it.”

This remarkable performance marked the team’s third record-breaking run. They initially set the record at the Texas Relays with a time of 42.00, and then achieved another milestone at the Big 12 Championships, becoming the first collegiate team to break the 42-second barrier with a time of 41.89.

In terms of global competition, their latest performance would have secured them a third-place finish at last year’s World Championships, trailing only Jamaica and the USA.

The team’s success was further bolstered by three of the sprinters qualifying for the 100m final, while Adeleke secured her spot in the 400m final with the second-best time.

The Women’s 4x100m relay final will take place on Saturday night, with coverage available on ESPN 2. The Longhorns’ exceptional performance has firmly positioned them as strong contenders for the title.


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