Crystal Morrison is missing

NACAC U18 100m hurdles champion Crystal Morrison has been found safe.

Alarms were raised after Morrison, the Carifta Games U17 100m hurdles record-holder, previously reported missing has now been found unharmed.

Jeffery Gordon, St. Jago’s track and field team manager, confirmed “contact has been made” with Morrison.

Earlier, a photo had been circulated on social media of Morrison with the following text: “Was last seen in a black puma crop top, blue high waist jeans and black and white crocs.”

Her sister Shanakay Morrison appealed: “Please help me find my sis, Crystal.”

Morrison won silver in Class 2 at Champs for St. Jago High.


By Vijay

Senior reporter – Writes for a number media outlets but is now more focus on promoting track and field. He has covered the last two Olympic Games, four IAAF World Championships and several Diamond League events. He also worked with Justsports360.Com, one of our affiliates

60 thoughts on “Jamaica’s Junior Athlete Crystal Morrison Found”
  1. A people like her why when someone has actually gone missing don’t look at it or repost. The most you should say is thanks for all your prayers and concern but I am safe.
    This is what you call dark and illiterate. You upset my spirit. Kmt.
    These girls leave home and go man yard and then some a you no come back. You want to be discipline.

  2. This little girl upsets every fibre in my being.. I saw a video of her saying she left for a reason and she is ok so unu fi stop post that she is missing. Little girl u need a mother like me that’s all me a say!

  3. What happened to the days when Jamaicans used to beat the shit out of kids when the act the fool. Crystal is old enough to know about these young people who are being trafficked everyday. Her mama need to kick her ass. I am glad she is found.

  4. Gordon Shereen in the midst of this situation, is that all you have to contribute? That is of no moment right now; it is unsympathetic, mean and small-minded of you! Unless the ‘man’ is your son/ grandson/ brother/ father/ nephew/ cousin/ grandfather/ uncle/ spouse, that is not your business….nor should it be! Pray for her safety and that WHEN found, she bounces back from all of this. She is already a part of Jamaica’s rich sporting legacy and nothing but life and light should be spoken over her …..and all our youngsters. Thank you kindly!

  5. When the kids go “missing” and the whole country praying for their safe return and some people even physically looking for them, then all of a sudden rhey just show up like all is well. The country need to know where they were

  6. Good. However when these children are found the media need to know why, when and how they disappeared so we can know the pattern of those involved. Maybe it can give an insight to what’s happening to all these children or even give parents a heads up with their children

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