Shericka Jackson won the women’s 400m and Rusheen McDonald, the men’s event, at Saturday’s (18 July) Velocity Fest at Jamaica College in Kingston.

Jackson, the Doha 2019 bronze medal winner, ran 52.00 seconds to take the top spot. This was first 400m race this season.

Tovea Jenkins finished second in 54.24 and Vanessa Crooks, third in 54.75.

In the men’s one-lap event, McDonald won in 46.36 ahead of Akani Slater, 46.74 and Demar Murray, 47.19.

Ronda Whyte won the women’s 400m hurdles in 55.40 ahead of Janieve Russell, 55.40.

Malik James-King was the only one registered for the men’s 400m hurdles. He crossed the line in 52.70s.

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  1. I guess with the season basically cancelled in some ways we will no see much to raise excitement. After not making the men 4X100m final at last year world championship I am hoping for better next year. I have not seen anything so far to bring confidence but there is enough time for people to step forward.


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