Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce Pulls Out Of 200m #Doha2019

Two-time Olympic 100m champion Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is looking to lower her Jamaican record of 10.70.

“It’s weird because I still have this thing that I’m still chasing. 10.6, that’s the goal I am going into next,” she told Olympic Channel.

“I have come so close. It’s almost like I can go… [dipping forward] and touch it. That too has added to the drive and desire.

“Maybe if I had gotten that 10.6 before having my son, who knows? I would have felt internally satisfied,” added the four-time World 100m champion.

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By Alfonz Juck (eme news)

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21 thoughts on “Fraser-Pryce chases 10.6”
  1. I’f they can run 10.6/which they can,they’ve definitely run 10.6/in practice already,rest assured all wind conditions being favourable, make no mistake, these athletes are more than capable of achieving times in full on competing races.
    split runs on and in training will have indicated this much.
    Training runs splits in a 100metres or 200 metres will show the split times over 30,90,150/and 200/metres.
    Each race is dependent on things the ordinary spectator has no idea of.
    Go Girls!

  2. Good morning Miss Shelly make God continue to guide you through this rough times so just remembered u or still a champion girl may u have a good spirits morning to u and ur family

  3. Both Shelly and Elaine can go 10.6, the only thing that has stopped them from achieving it is the wind. Most of the times they have run low 10.7 they have little wind behind them. If they get a good tailwind of 1.5+ they can surely do it!

  4. Shellyann has the ability to do anything. She is a real talent. However, what she needs to do is lower her 200 and 400 pbs and she is good to go. All the best on chasing 10.6 .

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