LSU Invitational 2023: Brianna Lyston and Jamaican Athletes Prepare to Compete
Brianna Lyston

Jamaican Brianna Lyston, representing LSU, set the stage on fire at the 2024 Battle on the Bayou meet, delivering a sensational performance in the women’s 100m dash.

Brianna Lyston, the World U20 200m champion, clocked an impressive time of 10.87 seconds, marking a new 2024 DI #1 ranking in the event. Despite her exceptional sprint, she fell just short of the victory, finishing a close second behind Favour Ofili of Tiger Olympians, who claimed the top spot with a time of 10.85 seconds. The race was aided by a 2.6m/s wind. ALSO READ: Aaliyah Foster’s Spectacular Performance Highlights Texas Relays Long Jump

The competition witnessed fierce competition among the top athletes, with McKenzie Long of Ole Miss also putting on an impressive display, finishing third with a time of 10.89 seconds, earning her a new 2024 DI #2 collegiate ranking.

Thelma Davies, another standout from LSU, secured the fourth position with a time of 10.98 seconds, achieving a new 2024 DI #3 ranking in the process.

Shannon Ray, competing for Tiger Olympians, rounded up the field with a time of 11.09 seconds in heat 2, showcasing the depth of talent present at the meet.

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