Texas Relays --- Aaliyah Foster wins big at Champs 2022
Aaliyah Foster

Jamaican athlete Aaliyah Foster delivered an electrifying performance in the women’s long jump event at Friday’s (March 29) Texas Relays in Austin, Texas.

Texas Relays: Aaliyah Foster Takes Center Stage with 6.75m Leap

As a standout freshman from Texas Longhorns, Foster clinched victory with an impressive leap of 6.75 meters (22 feet 1 ¾ inches). Despite the wind aiding her with 4.7m/s, her achievement, which came on her first attempt, was widely lauded as a remarkable display of talent. Foster fouled her second attempt but managed jumps of 6.10m, 6.61m, and 6.43m in subsequent attempts. ALSO: How to watch Carifta Games Live

Following closely behind was Jasmine Akins from Oklahoma, who secured second place with a notable jump of 6.54 meters (21 feet 5 ½ inches). UTSA’s Ida Breigan also demonstrated skill and determination with a leap of 6.48 meters (21 feet 3 ¼ inches).

Competing as an unattached athlete, Rougui Sow delivered a commendable performance, recording a jump of 6.40 meters (21 feet). Each athlete’s contribution added to the excitement of the competition, captivating spectators with their remarkable displays of athleticism.

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