Noah Lyles Showcases Extravagant Outfit in NBC's Paris 2024 Olympic Promo
Noah Lyles Showcases Extravagant Outfit in NBC's Paris 2024 Olympic Promo

Noah Lyles, the American sprinter, teams up with actress Lilly Collins, who portrays the titular character in the Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” for an NBC Olympics promo for the Paris 2024 Summer Games.

Lyles, a prominent figure in track and field, continues to expand his public profile. The latest promotional opportunity debuted Saturday night on NBC during a commercial break in the Texans Browns NFL playoff game broadcast.

The advertisement features Lilly Collins’ character, Emily, pitching an over-the-top uniform idea to a boardroom of marketing executives for Lyles to compete in. The proposed costume, as described by Emily, is a golden-robed outfit emblazoned with the phrase “I’m the one” in red text on its back. It’s accessorized with extravagant golden jewelry around Lyles’ neck, arms, and feet, and an enlarged cape, which humorously risks interfering with neighboring sprinters in a fictional 100m final. The design is credited to Pierre Cadault, another popular character from the show.

Noah Lyles Embraces Fashion Fantasy in Paris 2024 Olympics Commercial

The commercial concludes with Emily meeting Lyles, who is already wearing the described uniform, and saying, “We need to go bigger.” Lyles, embracing the extravagant concept, responds, “I can do bigger.”

This ad is part of a series produced by NBC Olympics to promote their coverage of the Paris 2024 Olympics. It follows similar spots featuring celebrities such as Peyton Manning, Dolly Parton, and Meagan Thee Stallion.

Noah Lyles has gained considerable exposure beyond the track, including a Peacock docu-series titled “The Noah Lyles Project,” which started streaming last year.

His collaboration with the fashion-centric “Emily in Paris” aligns with Lyles’ efforts to bridge athletics and fashion. This was notably evident when he made appearances at the Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks in 2023, highlighted by an Instagram post captioned “Where Track and Fashion Meet.” The post shows Lyles with fellow athletes, American Paralympic jumper Ezra Frech, Brazilian sprinter Paulo André, and German sprinter Alica Schmidt.

Noah Lyles, a three-time World Champion from Budapest last year, aims to make his second Olympic team and improve upon his Tokyo bronze medal in the upcoming Paris Games. He aspires to compete in the 100m, 200m, and relay events.

He is scheduled to begin his season with the 60m dash at the New Balance Indoor Grand Prix on February 4th.

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