Mia Brahe-Pedersen and Hodge: Top Performers at the VA Showcase Sprint Events
Mia Brahe-Pedersen and Hodge: Top Performers at the VA Showcase Sprint Events

Mia Brahe-Pedersen from Ultimate Speed Athletics and Adaejah Hodge of MVA TC emerged as the standout stars at the VA Showcase, engaging in a thrilling rivalry across multiple events at Virginia Beach Sports Center.

Mia Brahe-Pedersen clinched the girls’ 60m final in a swift 7.22 seconds, narrowly surpassing Hodge, who clocked 7.24 seconds. Brianna Selby of Speed Evolutions AC trailed closely in third place with a time of 7.28 seconds.

Their rivalry intensified in the girls’ 55m dash, with Brahe-Pedersen again securing victory in 6.74 seconds, just a fraction ahead of Hodge’s 6.75 seconds, while Selby followed in 6.78 seconds. However, the dynamics shifted in the shorter sprint event, where Hodge showcased her speed by leading with a remarkable time of 6.24 seconds, leaving Brahe-Pedersen to settle for second place in 6.25 seconds, and Selby again finishing third in 6.26 seconds.

Adaejah Hodge’s dominance extended to the first day of the event, where she sprinted to an astounding victory in the girls’ invitational 300m, registering a breathtaking time of 36.97 seconds. Brahe-Pedersen, not to be overshadowed, claimed the top spot in the girls’ 200m with a time of 22.92 seconds, outpacing Skyler Franklin of MVA TC, who finished in 24.77 seconds.

In the Boys 60m dash final, Antwan Hughes Jr of Parkland Magnet IB claimed the title with a time of 6.82 seconds, edging out Jake Odey-Jordan from Archbishop Carroll High School at 6.84 seconds and Terrance Mahomes of Westlake at 6.90 seconds. Hughes Jr also triumphed in the boys’ 55m final, clocking 6.35 seconds, followed by Odey-Jordan with 6.38 seconds and Mahomes in 6.43 seconds.

In the hurdles, Aleesa Samuel from Somerset Academy Pembroke Pine led the Girls 60m event with a time of 8.35 seconds, followed by Joslyn Hamilton of Rolesville High School at 8.42 seconds and Kennedy Flynn of Bullis School at 8.49 seconds. Samuel also reigned supreme in the girls’ 55m hurdles final, finishing in 7.75 seconds, with Hamilton and Flynn taking second and third places respectively.

The VA Showcase was a testament to the emerging talent and competitive spirit in the track and field world, indicating an exciting and promising season ahead.

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