Jamaican Schoolgirl Alana Reid Makes Track and Field History with Sub-11 Second 100m Race
Alana Reid's Sub-11 Second 100m Race at ChampsLeaves Indelible Mark on Jamaican Track and Field History

Sanjay Ayre, a Jamaican Olympian and organizer of the Puma East Coast International Showcase in Maryland, USA, is highly optimistic about the meet scheduled for this weekend.

Ayre, who won a silver medal at the 2000 Summer Olympic Games, is expecting some key clashes among high school students to be the highlights of the event.

Some of the young stars expected to participate include Jamaicans Alana Reid, Delano Kennedy, Bryan Levell, Alexis James, and Adrian Kerr, as well as BVI’s Adaejah Hodge, Quincy Wilson, and American Issam Asinga, who recently beat Noah Lyles with a time of 19.96.

Ayre’s partner in the meet is fellow Jamaican Olympian Juliet Campbell. Fans can expect an exciting and highly competitive event as these young athletes showcase their talents on the track.


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