Steven Gardiner will run at 63rd Ostrava Golden Spike 2024
Steven Gardiner wins the men's 400m at the 2021 at Tuesday’s (6 July) 11th Istvan Gyulai Memorial, known as the Hungarian Athletics Grand Prix.

Bahamian sprint sensation Steven Gardiner, the reigning Olympic and World 400m champion, is set to headline the 63rd edition of the Ostrava Golden Spike, a highlight of the World Athletics Continental Tour Gold, on May 28.

Gardiner’s participation has set the stage for a possible new meeting record, aiming to eclipse LaShawn Merritt’s 2014 time of 44.16.

Track Elite Converge for Record-Breaking Attempts at Ostrava Golden Spike

Joining the spotlight is World javelin champion Haruka Kitaguchi, who has been training in the Czech Republic under the guidance of coach David Sekerak. Her presence at the event adds to its international appeal and competitive edge. ALSO READ: Noah Lyles: ‘Very Shocking’ Response to World Athletics’ Award Overhaul

After a 13-year hiatus, the women’s 100m race makes a comeback to the program. This event will feature a keenly anticipated clash between Czech U23 record holder Karolina Manasova and World finalist Ewa Swoboda of Poland, promising a high-octane sprint duel.

In addition, the organizers are ambitiously aiming for a world record attempt in the 10,000m, though it remains to be seen whether the challenge will be in the men’s or women’s category. This element of mystery adds an extra layer of excitement to the event.

A first in its storied history, the Ostrava Golden Spike will also host a 4x400m mixed relay, eyeing a time close to the world record. This new addition reflects the evolving dynamics of track and field competitions.

The Ostrava Golden Spike is gearing up to be a spectacular display of athletic prowess, where seasoned champions like Gardiner and emerging talents converge, creating a stage where records are not just targeted but potentially redefined.



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