Seville Clinches Men's 100m Title at John Wolmer's Speed Fest in Kingston
Seville Clinches Men's 100m Title at John Wolmer's Speed Fest in Kingston

MIRAMAR, Fla. (April 6) — Jamaican sprinter Oblique Seville will headline a strong contingent of Jamaican sprinters at the Miramar Invitational. The event, which is part of the 2023 World Athletics Continental Tour Silver, will take place at the Ansin Sports Complex in Florida. Fans can stream the event live on the official meet website. For live results click here.

Seville finished fourth in the 100-meter final at the World Championships and has a personal best time of 9.86 seconds. He will be joined by fellow Jamaicans Ackeem Blake, Andrew Hudson, Michael Campbell, Raheem Chambers, and Oshane Bailey, who will all compete in the event.

The Miramar Invitational will also feature top American athlete Ronnie Baker, who finished fifth in the 100m at the Tokyo Olympics. Baker, who has a personal best time of 9.83 seconds, will be up against strong competition from Michael Rodgers, Kyree King, and Cravont Charleston.

The event promises to be an exciting one, with top athletes from around the world competing for top honors. Fans who are unable to attend the event can watch the action live on the official meet website.

List of Men’s 100m sprinters at the Miramar Invitational 2023

  1. Michael Rodgers (USA) – PB: 9.85
  2. Demek Kemp (USA) – PB: 10.03
  3. Yuki Koike (Japan) – PB: 9.98
  4. Ronnie Baker (USA) – PB: 9.83
  5. Michael Campbell (Jamaica) – PB: 10.07
  6. Oblique Seville (Jamaica) – PB: 9.86, SB: 10.13
  7. Emmanuel Matadi (Liberia) – PB: 9.98
  8. Kyree King (USA) – PB: 9.96
  9. Kevin Snead (USA) – PB: 10.34
  10. Aaron Brown (Canada) – PB: 9.96
  11. John Edward (USA) – PB: N/A
  12. Desmond Jackson (USA) – PB: 10.22
  13. Cejhae Greene (Antigua & Barbuda) – PB: 10.00, SB: 10.26
  14. Raheem Chambers (Jamaica) – PB: 10.09
  15. Ian Kerr (Bahamas) – PB: 10.14
  16. Jerome Blake (Canada) – PB: 10.00
  17. Oshane Bailey (Jamaica) – PB: 10.03, SB: 10.26
  18. Eric Harrison Jr. (Trinidad and Tobago) – PB: 10.08, SB: 10.20
  19. Franco Florio (Argentina) – PB: 10.11
  20. Andrew Hudson (Jamaica) – PB: 10.12, SB: 10.12
  21. Ackeem Blake (Jamaica) – PB: 9.93
  22. Cravont Charleston (USA) – PB: 9.98


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