Katie Moon Leads Stellar Line-Up at National Pole Vault Summit in Reno
Katie Moon Brings Olympic Spirit as Mumbai Marathon's Global Face

Katie Moon, the celebrated Olympic and world pole vault champion, has been officially announced as the International Event Ambassador for the Tata Mumbai Marathon, scheduled for January 21. The organizers of the esteemed event shared this news, highlighting Moon’s significant role in the marathon.

In a statement, Moon expressed her enthusiasm for the upcoming event. “I am thrilled to be part of the Tata Mumbai Marathon. It’s an opportunity not just to inspire but to be inspired by the incredible participants,” said Moon. “This event is a celebration of human potential and the pursuit of excellence, values that I hold dear.”

Pole Vault Star Katie Moon to Lead Tata Mumbai Marathon

Moon also extended an invitation to the community, encouraging widespread participation. “Let’s lace up, Mumbai, and run towards a healthier, happier future!” she exclaimed. Her words reflect a sense of communal spirit and anticipation for the event.

Moon’s appointment as the International Event Ambassador adds a layer of global recognition to the marathon, promising to draw attention from across the athletic and sporting communities. As Mumbai gears up for this significant event, Moon’s presence is expected to boost its profile and inspire participants from various walks of life.

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