Michael Norman at US Trials
Michael Norman at US Trials

LOS ANGELES, USA — Guess what? Michael Norman, the super-fast runner, won’t be running in a big race this year. He’s decided to skip the Budapest 23 World Athletics Championships. It’s a bit unexpected because he’s really good at running the 400 meters. People know him for being super speedy and really determined.

Last time, he won the championship title and everyone thought he’d do it again this year. But he put a message on the internet saying he won’t be there. He had a tough time this season, which made him frustrated, so he wants to take a break from running for the rest of the year. He’s thinking about the big Olympics that will happen in Paris in 2024. ALSO READ: Kirani James takes silver behind Norman in 400m at Oregon22

“Unfortunately, I will not be defending my title at the 2023 World Champs,” Norman expressed, according to CitiusMag’s Twitter account. “After an extremely frustrating season, I’ve decided to step away from the track for the remainder of the 2023 season in order to refocus for the 2024 Paris Olympics.”

What do people think about Michael Norman’s choice?

A lot of people are surprised and wondering why he made this choice. Michael Norman is famous for always doing well and being really competitive. But sometimes in sports, even the best athletes have unexpected things happen. Check out the men’s 400m top list for 2023

Many people all over the world are supporting Michael Norman and think it’s a good idea that he’s thinking about his long-term goals and trying to win in the Olympics next year.

Next year in Paris, there will be a huge sports event called the Olympics. Athletes from everywhere are trying really hard to be part of it and win medals. With Michael Norman not going to the World Championships, it’s going to be exciting to see who wins there and then gets ready for the big race in Paris.

Even though Michael won’t be there, people are still looking forward to the World Championships. New stars might show up, and athletes will be trying their best to be the best. People love sports because they never know what will happen. It’s a bit sad that Michael won’t be there, but it’s a chance for new heroes to shine.

Steven Gardiner, Wayde Van Niekerk, and Kiran James are some of the top men vying for the title this year.


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