Tramaine Todd of STETHS
Tramaine Todd of STETHS

Jamaica’s athletes have encountered a setback on their journey to the NACAC U18/U23 Championship in Costa Rica. Unforeseen visa waiver issues have emerged as a roadblock, causing delays in their departure and casting doubt on their entry into Costa Rica.

As the Championships draw nearer, the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) and other relevant authorities have sprung into action, diligently working to find solutions and ensure the team’s timely arrival.

Below is the track and field news release from the JAAA:

“The departure of a group of athletes scheduled to depart today for the NACAC U18 / U23 championship was delayed due to the non-issuance of a requested waiver on the Visa requirement for entry into Costa Rica.

The group of twenty-one (21) athletes is a part of a large group of forty-nine (49) athletes and officials
who were scheduled to fly into Santa Domingo today and overnight before departing to Costa Rica on
Wednesday July 19, 2023, where they would be joined by a second group travelling through Panama
on Wednesday.

After our Championships it was expected that the requested waiver would have been approved in time
for the athletes to be granted entry upon arrival in Costa Rica. The airline was not able to Board the
athletes without the requisite document even though they were booked on a separate flight into Costa
Rica on Wednesday.

It should be noted that the JAAA has been in constant dialogue with the Local Organizing Committee
in Costa Rica as well as the NACAC leadership over the last few weeks to ensure that all required
documentation were in place for the team to travel. Both organizations are now indicating that they are
making every attempt to facilitate the arrival of the second group through Panama tomorrow as well
as any arrangement that may be made to have the affected athletes arrive in time for the

The JAAA regrets that despite its best efforts, along with that of the Ministry of Gender, Culture,
Entertainment and Sport and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Travel, we have not been able
to ensure an unencumbered trip for our athletes.”

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  1. It is incredibly disheartening to witness the lack of track and field news and updates that adequately highlight the achievements and struggles of our top athletes. The dearth of comprehensive coverage and analysis of track and field events is truly dismaying, as these athletes pour their heart and soul into their sport, striving for greatness. Without access to in-depth analysis and tips, both aspiring athletes and enthusiasts are left feeling deprived of valuable insights and inspiration. It is a shame that the track and field community is not receiving the recognition and support it truly deserves. We must address this issue and ensure that the track and field world is given the attention it needs to flourish and inspire generations to come.

  2. It is disheartening to witness the visa waiver setback faced by these young athletes, and it is unfortunate that someone’s oversight or negligence has led to this problem. These talented individuals have trained relentlessly and deserve the opportunity to compete at the NACAC U18/U23 Championship. It is my hope that those responsible for this issue take immediate action to rectify the situation and ensure that these athletes can participate without further delay. The dreams and aspirations of these athletes should not be compromised due to administrative errors. Let us hold those accountable for this setback and advocate for a swift resolution, allowing these athletes to showcase their skills on the international stage.

  3. My heart goes out to these young athletes facing the visa waiver setback. I truly hope they get the chance to compete and showcase their talents at the NACAC U18/U23 Championship. Their hard work deserves to be rewarded, and I’m rooting for a positive resolution to their visa dilemma. Best of luck to these aspiring champions!

  4. As an avid sports enthusiast and supporter of these young Top track and field athletes, it is disheartening to hear about the visa waiver setback faced by Jamaica’s talented athletes on their journey to the NACAC U18/U23 Championship. To hear of these Track and field updates, these young athletes have worked tirelessly to reach this stage, and it is my sincere hope that they will overcome this obstacle and get the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete at the championship. Their dedication, hard work, and unwavering spirit deserve to be rewarded, and I join countless others in cheering for a successful resolution to the visa dilemma. May these aspiring champions fulfill their dreams and inspire others with their remarkable performances on the grand stage.


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