By Laurie Foster, TrackAlerts.Com Writer 

To ease the throttle on the downside of the Champs 2015 five-day talent showcase – sheer mayhem in the ticket distribution process -, a look is taken on a particular event. Jaheel Hyde’s 400mh effort of 49.01, a world leading runner up effort, is special but not unexpected. Clothed in humility and a true sense of the occasion, this lad is on a clear path to greatness. A thumbs up to coach Harley at Wolmer’s High School for Boys.

However, what took the onlookers out of the after glow of the Hyde performance, was the taser-like shock of Akeem Bloomfield of Kingston College, bred there from early boyhood. He posted a stunning 44.93 seconds in the Class I 400m, an event he did not like. It knocked the punters cold. For quality, given the background to it, call it a standout. It too bore the global label accorded the 400mh performance and shattered Jamaica’s national junior record set in 1996 by another KC stalwart in Davian Clarke, although he had migrated by then.

Clarke, along with his wife the former Lacena Golding, a many time global level representative, both coach at the University of Texas-El Paso (UTEP) of Olympians Bert Cameron and Michael Fray fame. After watching on the following day, the amazing run by the 17 year old (18 in November) on YouTube the 4x400m relay specialist, spoke to TrackAlerts.Com

“Well I thought the record would go in 2003 with Usain and Gonzales.” He explained how the news reached him. “I got a call from (Marlon) Nesbeth one of my KC teammates that gave me the news. This guy is talented; I told him he was going to have a good year. The writing was on the wall but just thought it would have been in June at the Jamaica trials so I was surprised about it going down at Champs.”

Clarke who made his senior team first appearance at the 1996 Gothenburg WC, while still a junior, described Bloomfield’s race strategy and how he should shape his future. “He is a front runner, but he needs the same work ethic and focus in 2016 to make it happen. I was 19 years and 2months when I recorded that time in 1995. So he has a tremendous future along with Martin Manley (St. Jago), Twayne Crooks (Kingston College) and Nathon Allen (St. Jago).

Regarding the record remaining at his old school’s North Street campus. “Well now we can finally adorn the KC walls and say with confidence we are quarter mile house factory in Jamaica with 3 high school athletes (Bloomfield, Crooks, Leford Green) who have run 46.0 or better.)


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