David Rudisha

NAIROBI, Kenya – Two-time Olympic winner David Rudisha has said he is getting back into shape after two years away from athletics, informed BBC Sport.

“I still feel like I still have something in me. I have not exhausted everything,” said the London 2012 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games 800m champion.

“There is something left in the tank, and that is what I want to exhaust before I think of doing other things,” added the world 800m record holder at 1:40.91.

“If you saw me one month ago I was a little bit heavier, but now I am losing the weight, and the response is pretty good,” continued the Daegu 2011 and Beijing 2015 world 800m champion.

“The routine is back. When you miss out on training and competition for two years it is never easy…” he the former Kimuron Secondary School student.

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By Alfonz Juck (eme news)

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