St. Elizabeth Technical boys and Rusea’s girls were crowned Western Champs winners at the end Saturday’s final day in Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth.

Rusea’s topped the girls’ point standing with 400.5 points ahead of STETHS 353. Petersfield 236.5, Herbert Morrison 84 and Mount Alvernia 79.5 rounded off the top five.

On the boys’ side, STETHS ran away winners with 455 points ahead of Cornwall 309.5. Petersfield 244, Herbert Morrison 170.5 and Mannings 79 completed the top five schools.

STETHS, winner of Western Champs 2020
STETHS ran away winners with 455 points ahead of Cornwall 309.5.

STETHS combined for 808 points over Petersfield 480.5 and Ruseas’s 309.5.

Several records were broken at this year’s event.

Rusea’s Monique Stewart broke two Class 3 girls’ records. She ran 2:15.48 to break the 800m record of 2:16.67 and 4:56.62 to lower the previous best 5:13.87 in the 1500m.

Three of four girls’ long jump records were broken at the three-day meet, which had boys and girls eliminations on Tuesday and Thursday and the final on Saturday.

Jodean Stewart of STETHS leapt 5.88m to erase the old mark of 5.75m in Class 1, and Aaliyah Foster of Mount Alvernia with 5.95m bettered the 5.82m, set three years ago in Class 3.

The other girls’ long jump record went to Deodora Griffiths of Lewisville who got out to 5.08m to break the old Class 4 record of 5.06m set back in 2003.

Also in the long jump, Dermaine Campbell of Lacovia with 7.10m broke the Class 2 boys’ record. Lansford Cunningham of Cornwall with 6.92m also went below the previous mark of 6.85m.

Rusea's, winner of Western Champs girls' section 2020
Rusea’s topped the girls’ point standing with 400.5 points ahead of STETHS 353, Petersfield 236.5

Lavanya Williams of Rusea’s also put her name in the record books with 24.07 to win the Class 3 girls’ 200m dash. Williams’ teammate Crystal Chambers, 24.12 and Rasheika Byfield of Lacovia, 24.32, also went below the previous record of 24.39.

The girls’ Class 3 400m also produced a new record, thanks to Byfield of Lacovia who ran 56.13 to beat the old mark of 56.45.

Charehon Connally of Maggotty ran 4:43.64 to beat the old mark of 4:48.57 in the Class 4 boys’ 1500m. STETHS’ Damontre Smith was second in 4:43.99.

In the relays, Rusea’s with 47.17 lowered the Class 3 girls’ 4x100m record of 47.41 set back in 2007 by Herbert Morrison.

Danielle Anglin of Herbert Morrison cleared 1.75m for a new Class 1 girls’ high jump record. The previous record was 1.72m.

Rhianna Lewis of Rhodes Hall cleared 1.55m to equal the 2006 Class 4 girls’ high jump record.

In the shot-put for Class 1 girls’, Aliesha Shaw of Rusea’s with 14.53m dismantled the previous best of 12.91m.

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