Hassle Parchment has confirmed his withdrawel from competition in the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Following a training regime to regain fitness after struggling with persistent hamstring and groin issues, the sprint hurdler has returned to Jamaica after accepting he would not recover fitness in time to meet the defined competition deadline.

In a release sent by Parchment manager Juliet Campbell, the decision was taken by Hansle, motivated also by the knowledge that Andrew Riley would be called to compete in his absence.

Hansle Parchment said: “I knew Andrew Riley was waiting to find out if he would compete or not, and I didn’t know if I would be ready — so to allow the Jamaica management to give Andrew his chance was the right thing to do. He will compete with full fitness and confidence in his form and ability, and I hope he does well.

“It’s very disappointing as I’ve worked extremely hard to get here. But this is track & field, and it’s one of the hazards that conies with the sport, so I have to accept this unfortunate situation. I’ll make a full recovery and train hard over the fall and winter to return stronger and quicker next year,” the release quoted Parchment as saying.


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