World 200m champion Noah Lyles is one of 15 American athletes who have volunteered to conduct in-home drug tests on themselves. It is a part of a pilot program being run by the US Anti-Doping Agency.

With anti-doping collections severely curtailed across the globe because of the coronavirus pandemic, USADA is looking at new options, in this case by asking a group of leading Americans to give urine and small dried blood samples at home.

“They asked me to do it, and I wasn’t opposed to doing it,” Lyles told AP.

“It’s a way to get my drug test in,” added the Doha 2019 world 200m gold medallist.

Athletes are still required to fill out their whereabouts forms, and under this program, a doping control officer will connect with an athlete via Zoom or FaceTime during a prescribed window.

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  1. Matthew Anthony Johns he is a talented guy. He has been running well even during Junior years. He got that big injury, and did well to come back. He is talented athlete. With hardwork that talent usually gets you to the top.

  2. This boy is on drugs from day 1.. check his high school records against the Jamaican Juniors and now all of a sudden he thinks he is the next greatest. Look at his hype ness .. you remember Dennis Mitchell. Same pattern of behavior


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