Kingston College (KC), St. Elizabeth Technical (STETHS), Holmwood and Calabar will carry Jamaica’s flag in the High School Boys’ 4x800m Championship of America final, set for Saturday (25 April).

Kingston College 7:56.36 with Kadeem Willis (2:02.03), Chad Miller (1:58.18), Delano Rochester (1:59.56), Miguel Morrison (1:56.59).

St. Elizabeth Tech 7:58.45 with Acdane Campbell (2:00.55), Paul Tate (1:55.45), Shemar Salmon (2:00.27), Jauavney James (2:02.20).

Holmwood Tech 7:59.85 with Rogaye Granston (1:59.14), Denvare Robinson (2:02.44), Kajay Walker (1:58.70), Daniel Glave (1:59.58).

Calabar 8:00.12 with Gawayne Porter (2:01.09), Norman Pittersgill (1:59.78), Orville Dixon (1:59.99), Alex Hutton (1:59.28).

The teams that failed to make progress are:

Jamaica College 8:04.96 with Dirk Williamson (2:00.64), Shemar Walker (1:59.76), Maleik Smith (2:03.00), Javaughna Wisdom (2:01.57).

Edwin Allen  (Clarendon, JAM) 8:08.09 with Herick Walters (2:00.04), Akeem Francis (1:58.57), Evardy Johnson (2:03.86), Ryan Holmes (2:05.64).

Spalding (Clarendon, JAM) 8:02.17 with Delan Dixon (2:01.58), Oyeth Bailey (2:02.37), Devaughn Smith (1:54.80), Kaenardo Johnson (2:03.44).



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