HOUSTON, USA – Jamaican Damar Forbes and Warren Hazel of St. Kitts and Nevis were only Caribbean winners on Friday’s (31 Jan) opening day of the Houston G5 & Super 22 Invitational.

Forbes leapt to 7.91m in the long jump to beat Denzel Harper of Louisiana Tech, 7.82m.

Hazel of Elite Performance won the men’s 400m in 47.24, beating Jamaican Javon “Donkey Man” Francis, 47.41.

However, the day’s event was highlighted by Olympic Games champion Brianna McNeal, who stared with fast 7.85 to win the 60m hurdles over fellow American Kristi Castlin 8.06.

Lolo Jones, who failed to make the final at last weekend’s Boston Indoor Grand Prix, was fourth in 8.32s.

McNeal, who ran 7.99 in the hurdles heats, also won the Elite 60m flat in 7.20 PB over Morolake Akinosun 7.24.
Tynia Gaither of Bahamas was fifth in 7.44 and Semoy Hackett of Trinidad and Tobago, eighth in 7.56.

Chelsea Francis was faster in university race with 7.17 ahead of Tristan Evelyn of Houston, 7.29.

Ryan Fontenot won the men’s 60m hurdles in 7.76s.

Courtney Okolo clocked 52.24 and returning Natasha Hastings, in first race since winter of 2018, won her race in 54.24.

Branson Ellis cleared 5.68 in the pole vault.

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