Dr Warren Blake said its possible this year’s Boys and Girls Athletics Championships, Champs, could be held without spectators.

Dr Blake, who is president of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA), said the widespread outbreak of the coronavirus “is going to have a negative impact on events if/when it comes to Jamaica.”

At midday Monday, 9 March, COVID-19 is in 111 countries. 113, 584 confirmed cases with 3,996 deaths and *62,496 recovered.

“If it comes before these events, the health authorities will have to sit down, look at the number of cases, where they are, and take the serious decision whether to allow a crowd like the size of Champs to come together, to put 35,000 people into our National Stadium when some of them might be infected,” Blake told Trackalerts.com.

“It could be possible that Champs could go ahead without spectators in the stands because of the danger of putting large crowds of people together.

Dr Blake, however, admitted “It’s hard to say what will happen” and that the situation will have to be monitored on a day-to-day basis.

“When it comes to a cut-off point, then the hard decision will have to be made,” he added.

Several fans from across the USA are expected in Jamaica for Champs. New York on the weekend declared a state of emergency.

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  1. I do not know what this one person who have the virus has to do with champs.if yr going to cancel it…because Crowd then all school should be lock then since unuh want to make a big great stupid deal..if 7 are 8 person did have it now then mi wudda sey cancel it….unuh must worried about who is flying down fi champs a them unuh fi stop from come…not who is in the country….does it make any scene having runners alone in the stadium… kmdt.


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