World U20 100m hurdles record-holder Britany Anderson ran a season-best to win at Saturday’s (25 July) USATF’s Back to the Track Series meet in Clermont, Florida.

Anderson, who holds the World U20 record at 12.71, sizzled to 12.82 to take the top spot in Saturday’s meet.

The mark is the third-best time in the world this year. Elvira Herman (BLR) with 12.73 and Annimari Korte (FIN), 12.76 are the leading sprint hurdlers.

Tiffany Porter was second to Anderson in 12.92 and her sister Cindy Ofili, 3rd in 12.95. Lucheyona Weaver finished 4th in 13.60.

Earlier, in the preliminary round, contested by the same four women, Anderson ran 12.71secs (3.0m/s wind) to record the fastest time.

Tiffany Porter had the second-best time of 12.74 and Cindy Ofili, 13.04. Lucheyona Weaver was the fourth person in the race, and she ran 13.48.

In the men’s 110m hurdles, American World champion Grant Holloway ran 13.47 to take the top spot.

Maicel Uibo, Shaunae Miller-Uibo’s husband, finished 2nd in 14.68.

Holloway had earlier ran 13.35 in the heats.

TJ Holmes ran 1:17.15 in the men’s 600m event.

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